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Understanding Requirement of Slab Foundation Repair

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The slab foundation system become popular inside the latter half the 1940s as an easy way of affordable and reliable foundation. This system allowed developers and builders to build homes in a mass scale because this foundations strategy is pretty cheap than the other systems and in addition it took a smaller amount time for it to build as compared to other foundation systems.

http://qualityfoundationrepairaustin.com/slab-foundation-repair-austin-tx/However, over time, homeowners have seen that the slab foundation is prone to damage especially because of water seepage. This is the reason that there are several foundation repair companies offering a number of ways of strengthen the muse and keep the home safe.

There are a number of things that you need to consider to make certain that foundation actually needs repair work. Comprehending the workings of slab foundation system could also help in optimizing the process of slab foundation repair mainly because it will allow the structural engineer to determine the health of foundation along with the right repair method. You should understand that slab foundation repair does not come cheap. Here is a list of the things that you'll want to consider before beginning the slab foundation repair.

One of the first what you require to perform is to get the drainage system tested. This water system test will assure there's no leakage inside the drains which include irrigation system, domestic water supply and other such drains. This test will help you to plug the leakage, if any. You additionally should look at the foundation drainage. The drain should take the water out of the foundation and cannot allow water to remain near the foundation for very long after heavy rains.


The slab foundation was designed to behave as just one unit meaning it responds and then upward or downward movement that is certainly caused by the soil pressure and overlying structure. This single unit behavior allows the system to improve protect the property above from soil movement.

On an average, a house puts a large quanity of about 300 to 500 pounds per square foot for the foundation. The soil beneath the foundation also puts upward pressure and also this pressure varies from 3000 to 5000 pounds per square foot.

The structural integrity of slab foundation is determined by a nearby soil conditions. As an example, sand is fairly stable whereas clay undergoes huge volumetric changes with addition or removal of water. Clay expands a whole lot with addition of moisture and yes it shrinks with removal of moisture.

In the event the slab foundation is created on clay, seepage of water into clay can lead to huge expansion and as a consequence, huge pressure about the slab foundation. If you find excessive water inside the foundation, it puts slab foundation at potential risk.

It's advocated hiring the help of a completely independent structural engineer for evaluation from the foundation. When the engineer determines the inspiration system to be structurally sound, may possibly not need underpinning whereas underpinning are usually necessary if there are structural issues with the foundation.

There are numerous of companies in all of the areas offering foundation fixes. Refer to them as if you think that the building blocks needs repair.


Posted Sep 11, 2015 at 5:39am