Golden Age Hollywood Stars Who Are Still With Us Today!

The Golden Age of Hollywood was something truly special. We saw amazing acting talent bring to life the places and storylines audiences could only dream about — all on the silver screen (and for a relatively small price to see!)

These actors and actresses are beloved in our hearts to this day, and there’s plenty of reason to see why: they made the industry what it is today, and set the standard for how movies should be done.

The Golden Age might be done but some of the stars who defined it are still with us today (and sadly, a few who have just recently departed). Many have passed away, and as each year passes, we lose more stars. But we can still celebrate and appreciate the ones we still have with us!

Olivia De Havilland Is 102 Years Old, But She’s Not The Oldest!

olivia havilland melanie hamilton

Olivia de Havilland was an amazing talent who retired from acting in 1988. Her storied career began in the 1930s, with a role in Gone With The Wind. She’s appeared in 48 other films besides that one. Although she was nominated for an Academy Award for her supporting role in that film, she didn’t win that year. However, she would go on to win two Oscars later on in her career, including for her role in the film To Each His Own, which was made in 1946.

De Havilland was born in July 1916, and doesn’t act much these days anymore. However, she still maintains a strong connection with Hollywood.