Never Shout Never's Christofer Drew Shares Indigo Track by Track + Stream the Album

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Now that you've had a full week to hold Never Shout Never's Indigo in your hands, and spin it excessive amounts, we're sure you're curious as to the meaning behind these songs. That's where frontman Christofer Drew comes in. We asked him to give us the details behind these 11 tracks, and he hit us back with this exclusive track-by-track commentary. Want to know which song was written last minute? Which one was written in a hotel room? And which one means the most to Drew himself? It's all here, along with plenty of other details, so check it out and then give the album yet another spin.

1. Magic: This song was written in the studio last minute. It came from me just fooling around and trying to write a song with a sense of humor. The rhythm section came about in the moment through a little experimenting. We got Hayden [Kaiser]'s sister to sing harmonies and a solo in the final key change chorus. Very fun song with barely any thought put into it, haha. Totally just flowed.

2. All Mine: It started out as a pretty acoustic ballad that I wrote for a girl I was crushing on. Then we got to the studio and had some fun with it. It definitely got its flare when we added the beat-boxing and harp.

3. Life Goes On: The tune came out of no where. I wrote it in a hotel room the night before we hit the studio. It is about letting go of the past and living in the moment.

4. Sorry: "Sorry" turned out cool. When we were demoing it had a very '90s grunge feel to it. Then one night after we got out of our session I had this strange idea to give it a swing beat. Then we added some orchestral strings and it just worked.

5. Between Two Worlds: This song is about the reality that we live between physical and spiritual planes. It is about finding a balance between the two. Also, it is a realization that love is the connection and balancing force.

6. Lust: Lust is my diary of the struggle of finding love in a world full of moments. It in entails the desires of the flesh and the desires of the heart.

7. California Slang: Have you ever done something you knew wasn't right, but you were glad you did it?

8. Wrong Side of Town: This is a song of seduction. It is about meeting a good girl and showing her how the bad boys do it.

9. Honey-Dew: Honey-Dew is a song I wrote for a perty lil' lady that just couldn't let go. It is a groovy tune about moving on.

10. The Look: Some might hear this song and wonder what was the look she wore. I explain it as if it was frightening, but it was the opposite. It was so charming that it still haunts my dreams.

11. Hazel Eyez: I got clean. I was very dirty. This is my anthem of turning my life around and being stronger than before. It is the most meaningful track on the album for me. I hope that this song can encourage folks to keep growing even through the darkest of times.

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