EXCLUSIVE: Eyes Set to Kill Share Full Album Stream and Track Commentary For 'Masks'

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Arizona's very own Eyes Set to Kill are getting ready to release their fifth studio album, Masks, on September 17 via Century Media Records... but today, the band is unveiling an exclusive stream of the album and their track-by-track commentary right here on PureVolume.

Listen to Masks above and read through what frontwoman/lead guitarist Alexia Rodriguez and rhythm guitarist/scream vocalist Cisko Miranda have to say about each song below.

Also, be sure to pre-order Masks here.

1. Masks

Alexia: I wanted and intro to capture the whole concept of the album through lyrics. The concept behind Masks covers the time in our lives when we felt we were pretending to be someone else and hiding who we really were just to please other people. We were told who to be and how to act and it was like we were wearing masks. But through the process of this record we felt like in a way we were unveiling ourselves by writing the music we want and being the people we want to be.

2. Killing in Your Name
Alexia: I never really wrote a song about overthrowing authority and this is the outcome of my first attempt. We get sick of people telling us what they expect of us. Sometimes it feels like we are expected to be perfect by the people who are in no way perfect at all. The intro riff to this song is my favorite riff on this album because it’s like nothing else I have written. This song is also the first song I tracked on because it’s my favorite on the album and I was too excited to save best for last.

3. Lost & Forgotten
Cisko: This song has sort of a victorious vibe to it. It's meant to encourage hope & belief in yourself when no one else will. At the beginning of the writing process for Masks there were times where I questioned who I was & what I was doing. Writing the lyrics for this song helped me understand & put me in a better place.

Alexia: The chorus of Lost and Forgotten is from the perspective of soldiers in war because at times I feel like we can relate to them in away. We are always away from home in a random place missing our loved ones and sometimes feeling forgotten or even questioning why we are doing what we do if it causes us pain.


4. Where I Want To Be
: I'm not good at writing positive songs usually but I think this love song came out pretty good. It’s about loving or wanting someone so bad that you want to be where ever they are because they make you feel the best you could ever feel. We wrote this song on our EP white lotus and rewrote it for Masks. I feel like this version is more upbeat and the keys I tracked in it give it more life in the intro.


5. True Colors
Cisko: This was the first song we ever wrote for Masks. We released a demo version of it a while back & people seem to really dig it. To me this is about staying true to yourself no matter what's going in your world. Not letting distraction derail you from who you truly are & what you truly can be. "Show your true colors, make sure their bright, we wouldn't want someone to miss out this time", I'm always hesitant when I write certain things. Like I always feel a bit unsure of certain lines until we play them live or record the idea. This line is one that has stuck with me since I wrote it. One of my favorite parts on the album.

: I don’t want to say this is the heaviest song, but for sure the fastest. Love the thrash beat and wrote my first solos in the bridge and the outro. Chorus is about choosing to be different and not ashamed of who you are. Don’t be lazy and complain about how the world is, get up and change it.

5. Surface
Alexia: Surface has alot to do with the overall concept of Masks. I wrote it when feeling like I had so much to say but I kept it in because I was afraid of being myself. Kind of felt crazy like anyone who bottles up feelings. I think even though this was a last minute song, it ended up being one of the heaviest.


6. Little Liar
: At the time I wrote this song, Jodi Arias trial was going on. I thought the whole situation of her killing him and lying over and over about it was fascinating. It’s basically coming from the worlds perspective of what we see her as. Idk if infidelity was a factor in her excuses, but I put it in the song because some people can relate to that and it is a strong force that I don't understand yet so many cheat.


7.  Nothing Left to Say
: When I wrote lyrics to this song I remember being in a really dark place as far as my head goes. There were a lot of things happening around me & the band that sometimes led me to believe we were reaching the end of our journey. There's a line in the song that goes, "Remember the boy who said he'd never stop running, keep on running young one", I wrote this as a reminder to myself to never give up & to always remember to chase my dreams no matter what.


8. The New Plague
Cisko: This song was a lot of fun to write. I remember the music was inspired by the lyrics so the music was kinda built around the lyrics. I was writing the lyrics & already had an idea of how I wanted the song to start off. I sat down w/ Alexia & showed her my ideas & she transformed it into exactly what I was thinking musically. The lyrics are just about letting loose & letting the music take over you. Lots of jumping & head bangin action on this one. This song will be a lot of fun to play to some crazy crowds.


9. Infected
Alexia: We chose Infected as our first single because it had kind of a pulsy and vengeful energy to it. I think it’s the one song people will connect to the most. It is about being in a relationship with someone who manipulates you into thinking you are always wrong and even a little crazy. When in truth, that person is really the one with problems. It’s a "fuck you" song but also still positive because it’s about being strong and not taking anyone’s bullshit anymore.


10. The Secrets Between
: We rerecorded this song from our previous effort "White Lotus". It's was one of our favorites from that album as well as the fans. To me this song is about knowing how to keep a secret & be trust worthy no matter how hard it is for you or no matter how much you want to give into the temptation of letting that secret out.

: Secrets between is about finding a person and letting your walls down then confiding in each other. Then when things get sour out of betrayal, you are tempted to rat that person out. It’s also about feeling guilty for trusting in someone who wasn't worth it at all. Another solo I love but not my favorite because it isn't a very challenging one.


11. Haze
Alexia: Sometimes I just feel like staying in bed all day and forgetting the world and practically disappearing instead of facing reality and my responsibilities. This song is about feeling apathetic, I don't know who I am anymore, and I can't find the person I used to be. I'm feeling like I'm in a haze because i can't see clearly anymore. When I first wrote this song it had kind of a dancy vibe in the chorus and Sevendust-ish attitude in the verses so I wanted to exaggerate with the sequencers and other synths. This song has the most keys but they are all buried and I think they really tie the track together.


12. The Forbidden Line
Cisko: This song was also one of the first songs we ever wrote for Masks. For me these lyrics were about me battling myself throughout the initial time of me joining ESTK. Not knowing what was true & what wasn't. Learning to differentiate the fake & the real. Writing this song was sort of me putting on my Mask to get over this rough time.

Alexia: Oddball track. I wanted to do something different guitar work wise...  And this is the product of that. Programmed drums for the demo and probably took me a week. When I listen to this song I always think about how much time I spent behind a computer writing it on guitar and pretending that I’m a drummer.

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