PREMIERE: Direct Hit! Unveils Chapters VI-VII of 'Brainless God' Horror Story

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Milwaukee punks Direct Hit! (self-dubbed as "the four horsemen of pop punk") released their latest album Brainless God in September, a frantic 12-song horror story concept record produced by All-American Rejects' guitarist Mike Kennerty that, guitarist/singer Nick Woods explained, is about "how love, the apocalypse, a serial killer, and a suicide cult help this battered woman find herself."

Working with producers Jon Good and Caroline Jaecks and director Dylan Brown, the band has made a short film bringing the story of the album to life, releasing the film in short video installments with plans to issue the whole movie on DVD along with a vinyl edition of the album. Premiering exclusively today on PureVolume is Chapters VI and VII of the Brainless God film,  featuring the tracks "Heaven is a Black Hole" and "We're Fucked."

"This is the part of the story where the cult who's attempted to draw our protagonist into their suicide ritual follow through with their own plans," Woods explained to PureVolume, "while she and her new serial killer best friend run off into the woods, trying to escape. You'd think that'd be the end of the story, but they're in for kind of a rude awakening when the group rises from the dead and comes after them through the woods. There's not a happy ending to this chapter, but if you keep following the story for the rest of the album, I think you'll find it's not the cult who gets the last laugh.

"The shots for this video were taken around 4:30 AM out in a clearing in the middle of nowhere," he continues. "At this point, the cast and crew were tired and pissed, and the amount of running around, dragging cameras through the grass, and makeup and gore effects had everyone on edge (to put it mildly). We were in danger of the sun coming up, which would have ruined the entire night, and we would've had to do the whole thing over. So it was a bit rushed, but I think it turned out pretty great. Especially the shots at the end. More than one person has asked how we got it to look 'so real' with kind of a weird look on their face."

Watch Chapters I-IV on Noisey and Chapter V on YouTube

Brainless God the album is available now on iTunes via Red Scare.


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