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Beyonce continues to take over the world with her newest utilization of social media -- Tumblr. That's right, the world of blogging was thrown into disarray this morning when news broke that the superstar had joined the network with her own blog, Beyonce | I Am. So far, posts include photos of herself on the beach, adventuring around the world, hanging out in a spidey-suit [seriously], and being generally gorgeous. B's blog got us thinking about some of the musicians we most enjoy following, so in a way, she's to thank for the following list of our top ten, PV-friendly Tumblrs to follow. Check it out, send us your own favorite blogs, and don't forget to follow PV on Tumblr.

The Maine

Why We Like It: Maine groupies, gather round the Tumblr for your inside look at the lives of these five guys. Their blog is chock-full of interviews, videos, tour posters, statements from the band, and all the photos you could hope for. It's like an official website -- but better because it's a Tumblr.

Blink-182's Mark Hoppus

Why We Like It
: Mark Hoppus is an interesting guy, so naturally, his blog would be filled with intersting things. There's tons of posts about art and culture, music and video games, famous figures and historic landmarks. A good one for those who like a little bit of everything.

The SwellersJonathan Diener

Why We Like It
: If you're a fan of the band, you should definitely follow Diener's blog. There's tons of photos, interviews, videos, links, and general references to the band in his posts, and he posts very often. This one's also good for discovering like-minded bands, since Diener often posts about his friends' musical projects and initiatives. 

Heroes and Underdogs' Kayla Loren

Why We Like It: Three words -- pop culture references. Really, though, the H&U frontwoman has a penchant for posting the most hilarious, TV and movie-oriented photos and banners. We've taken special note of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air", "FRIENDS", "Saved By The Bell", and Nickelodeon classic "Rugrats." You can also find H&U exclusives, as well as her own covers and collaborations. 

The Dangerous Summer's' AJ Perdomo

Why We Like It: Perdomo's blog is very much a testament to his own life and everyday experiences. Yeah, a lot of the posts are TDS related by association, but they're related in a way that's more through his own eyes than through the media's or the fans'. This one's also Instagram-heavy if you're into that kind of thing.

Jenny Owen Youngs

Why We Like It: She's on tour right now, which means a ton of on the road, backstage, and performance photos. You can also expect a good amount of hilariously ironic posts [a photo of Gregory & The Hawk posing with a Paris Hilton photo] as well as thoughtful references to literature, old-school films, and everyday life.

VersaEmerge's Sierra Kusterbeck

Why We Like It: Girl's got a sharp sense of humor and it comes through often in her posts. Aside from making us laugh, though, she posts a good amount of behind-the-scenes Instagram photos of VE's studio sessions, concerts, hangouts, etc. You can also find some really cute animal photos sporadically posted.

Paramore's Hayley Williams

Why We Like It: Williams' blog is a melting pot of pop-culture references, funny photos, strange oddities, good music, and inspirational postings. It's more a collage of her own tastes and interests than it is a place for Paramore memorabilia -- though, that obviously happens from time to time. Also, she may be the queen of cool re-blogs.


Why We Like It: When we caught up with these guys for our new, How I DIY interview segment, they made mention of Tumblr and the random things they like to post. Our favorites so far include: a post about Taco Bell's new Dorito Shell taco, all the cool show posters, and a texting conversation with a confused Justin Beiber fan.

The Hint

Why We Like It: They've been running their Tumblr as a promotional platform for their new song, "Western," and it's had us completely absorbed from day one. Who knew somebody else's old photographs could make for such excitement? We love how they used Tumblr in such an innovative and creative way, and think they serve as true testament to the power that blogs and social networking can provide for artists who think outside the box.

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