Lydia Premiere "Best Nights" Music Video

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You know those mornings when you wake up, brush your teeth with whiskey, go get lost in nature, then come to find it was all a dream? Yeah, that's kind of specific, but that's how it goes for Lydia in their new video for "Best Nights." Shot entirely in black and white, so as to increase the already dreamy tone set by Leighton Antelman's vocals, the video captures that hazy, pseudo-reality that occurs somewhere between waking and sleep. Utilizing the incredible backdrops of mountainous deserts, leafy woods, and quiet lakes, "Best Nights" depicts the odd serenity and release that can follow those nights you'd rather forget — and it does so in a beautiful, simplistic way.

"This video was cool because it was filmed over a few days," recalls Antelman. "We started in LA — where the director and I are living — and then filmed the other shots on the way to and in Arizona. In the last shot the water was actually pretty cold. Just taking one for the team, no big deal. But I hope you enjoy, and there will be more videos to come shortly."

Check it out and grab their latest album Paint It Golden, which this song comes off of.

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