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Hair Loss Menopause

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menopause hair growth

Menopause results in many physical modifications in a woman's body. There is a rapid hair loss menopause due to changes in the alteration in hormones in the woman's body. The woman hormone estrogen balances out the effects of androgens like DHT. After menopause estrogen, production reduces. Testosterone inside the woman's body combines having an enzyme to produce DHT that triggers hair loss menopause.

One method to combat hair loss menopause would be to eat food that is more nutritious. A woman must eat green vegetables that contain vitamins, zinc and copper. Consumption of vitamin C, B and E in food promotes hair growth. One must eat herbs, as fennel seeds which can be a good source of vitamin C. Citrus fruits make the perfect source of vitamin C. However, there has to be a proper balance between vit c, zinc and copper intake. An increase in vitamin C and zinc inhibits absorption of copper and the other way around.

hair loss and menopause

Another way to minimize hair thinning menopause is to condition hair with natural products like henna. This gives natural color towards the hair and is an excellent conditioner. One must use fewer chemicals in washing hair and modify shampoos frequently. You should let hair dry naturally rather than using a hair dryer for the similar.

Women must utilize a hairbrush to comb wet hair. This avoids breakage and thus reduces hair loss menopause. Ladies who swim must avoid experience of chlorinated water. For this, they must wear a cap while swimming and make use of chlorine filter to filter water during a shower.

Proteins promote the growth of scalp hair. However, menopause occurs with aging when the body absorbs less amino. Therefore, women need to take high sulfur content foods which contain amino acids, like eggs. Those allergic to eggs can consume sulfur by means of a supplement that is available whatsoever pharmacists. These diet modifications can greatly reduce hair loss menopause.

It's possible to adopt measures to decelerate hair loss menopause. Including stimulating the scalp using a massage or simply running one's fingers through one's scalp. This stimulates blood flow and promotes hair growth.

Hair loss menopause has an effect on women's self-esteem and confidence. It is because there is a change in their looks with growing age. An excellent haircut that gives a fuller appearance towards the hair is compulsory for such women.

Hair loss menopause is a natural phenomenon which is nonreversible. Changes in one's diet along with a stress on natural ingredients in hair maintenance can greatly prolong living of one's hair. You can take medication like propecia for new hair growth or go for a hair surgery to get a new crop of hair. However, these remedies are long-term and costly. Therefore, you must weigh the risks and payoffs of every treatment before selecting the best solution for hair loss menopause.


Posted Apr 18, 2015 at 3:43am