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What do you need to look out for when purchasing a garage door?

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When choosing a garage door there are a good number of different things you might want to take into consideration, and today we hope to be able to point out several of the options and choices you should give thought to. A garage door could be a pricey investment, so it is in your very best interests to make a smart decision. So which style is going to be right for your house? Exactly what material is best? Take a look below to find out more.

Wood Style Doors
Wooden garage doors come in a wide range of materials to fit the majority of budgets. If you are on a really tight budget then you could perhaps take a look at a masonite garage door. A lot of houses come with masonite garage doors because they are a reasonably inexpensive and dependable option.
The entire garage door isn't actually masonite, because the masonite is covered by a glossy laminated surface which will help safeguard it from the weather conditions. This is an excellent choice for a good number of homeowners who live in a pretty relaxed climate. Wooden doors offer middle of the road insulation so this is one thing to take into consideration if you reside in a cool climate. The price tag on a door such as this is just around $550 or so.
If you are looking for a more premium wooden door, then mahogany or cedar might be a good alternative. These add a rather elegant look to your house and add superb curb appeal, however can run you somewhere between $800-$2000. In addition be aware that these kinds of doors have to be stained every few years to keep them in good shape.

Steel Type Doors
Metal garage doors are another preferred choice however these normally cost you a bit more compared to wood types. For a mid range door you will probably pay between $500 and $1500. The benefit of steel garage doors is that they will need next to zero maintenance. Wood garage doors normally need a coat of varnish after a few years to keep them looking good, but metal doors only need a quick wash using a soapy brush every once in a while to get them looking like new! Steel doors don’t offer great insulation, however a few of the mid and upper range garage doors include insulated bottoms and sides that helps ensure really good insulation.
The downside with steel is the fact that a number of the cheaper steel garage doors are too flexible, and tend to dent easily if they are hit by something like tree branches or even a heavy wind.
The budget steel doors are available in a thickness of 27 or 28 gauge, which can be okay if you don’t reside in a really windy region. Mid range steel garage doors can be found in a 25 or 26 gauge range, and they are normally dent less as well as have far better resistance to wind. The top of the line collection of metal garage doors are created in 24 gauge reinforced metal. They are designed to stand up to harsh climate conditions, but obviously come at a price.
Metal garage doors are designed to appear like wooden doors, so if this is the look you happen to be going for then metal doors may be your best option.

Fiberglass Type Doors
Another potential choice is fiberglass. This is an economical solution, and the frames are frequently encased in aluminum. They are more dent resistant compared to the cheaper steel doors, but offer very poor insulation and the finish is likely to fade if they are subjected to the weather for long stretches. The primary advantage of fiberglass is that it is extremely resistant to salt water corrosion which means this is considered to be the best choice if you live near the coast.

Customizing Your Door
With regards to choosing your garage door one can find many different options and choices you can make to improve the style and function of the garage door.
A good choice could possibly be the addition of a window. Window panes are really a popular choice in garage doors as they simply make the door seem more inviting, plus more significantly add light into your garage. Before you decide if that is the best choice, you will need to consider the security aspect of adding windows. Do you keep several items of worth within the garage, and if so would you be comfortable with anybody being able to look into the garage? If you reside in a safe neighborhood then that shouldn’t really be a concern, however it is a thing to keep in mind nonetheless.

Next you must consider insulation, which could all depend upon what sort of climate you reside in. If you stay someplace warm like Florida then this will not be an issue at all. For all of us who are now living in chillier regions we must think about if we need to have this option on our garage doors. A few people are inclined to spend considerable time in the garage, therefore an insulated garage door may save a lot on heating bills in the cooler months.

At this point we must look at the finish of the door. The majority of wooden doors are pre-stained, therefore you just need to worry about re-staining a few years later on. Nearly all fiberglass and low end to mid range metal doors are pre-primed so they will be ready to be painted. Alternatively quite a few manufacturers provide you with the option to paint the garage door to your specs for a little more money and this is another thing to take into consideration.

The last decision you will have is whether to go with a tilting or roller garage door. If you already have an existing door you will in all likelihood keep with your present kind, but if you are building a new garage you will have to decide between these two. Roller doors normally cost a bit more, and they often require professional installation. Tilting doors are easier to put in, but have to have a bit more space in front of the garage door so it is able to open up correctly.

Hopefully the info we have provided will let you select the right garage door for your residence. Make sure to choose carefully, and shop around to get the best deal!


Posted Nov 25, 2012 at 10:40am