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future soon after the main. He came second during the race. tweede الثّاني на второ място segundo jako druhý zweit nummer to μετά τον πρώτο segundo teiseks دومي toisena deuxième שֵׁנִי drugo, na drugom mjestu második nomor dua annar secondo 2番目に 둘째 번의 antras otrais; otrā vietā kedua tweedesom nummer todrugi دوهمه segundo al doilea вторым ako druhý drugi drugi tvåa ได้ที่สอง ikinci (olarak) 屈居第二 другим номером پہلے کے بعد اگلا vị trí thứ hai 居第二位 segon

colors obtained by mixing Key colours. Orange and purple are secondary colors. sekondêr لَوْن ناتِج عَن مَزْج لَوْنَيْن أو أكْثَر цветове, получени след смесване на други cores secundárias smíšené barvy die Sekundärfarben (pl.) sekundærfarve δευτερεύοντα χρώματα colores secundarios liitvärvid فرعي ؛ درجه دوم välivärit couleurs complémentaires צֶבָע מְעוֹרבָּב miješane boje, sekundarne boje másodlagos színek warna pelengkap litir sem fileást við að blanda frumliti colori secondari 等和色 2차색 papildomos/antrinës spalvos papildkrāsas sekunder secundair sekundærfarger pochodne kolory فرعی cores secundárias culori complementare составные цвета zmiešané farby mešane barve sekundarne boje sekundär-, blandfärger สีทุติยภูมิ tâli renkler 由原色混合出的顏色,間色 складні кольори بنیادی رنگوں کو ملانے سے بنے رنگ màu thứ yếu 合成色,次生颜色 colors secundaris

in current design just acquire brick if it is identical rate - the general public adore it. Unfortunatley brick is not likely suited to A great deal of the australian local weather, is useful resource hungry and labour intensive to lay, in addition to slow.

second-finest adj → zweitbeste(r, s); she usually felt she was second why not look here → sie hatte immer das Gefühl, zweite Wahl zu sein; he was usually second to his older brother → er stand immer im Schatten seines älteren Bruders; that career was second for him → diese Stelle war eine Ausweichlösung fileür ihn

Do your objects fulfill Goodwill needs? Unacceptable donations is going to be sorted when goods are processed at a Goodwill donation Middle. All products are recycled or salvaged as a result of our green initiatives to help maintain our company website atmosphere.

two. lesser in great importance. a subject of secondary importance. mindere ثانَوي الأهَمِيَّه второстепенен secundário druhořadvertý zweitrangig sekundær δευτερεύων ; κατώτεροςsecundario teisejärguline دومي toisarvoinen secondaire מִשנִי podređen, sporedan másodrendű sekunder auka-, ekki eins mikilvægur secondario 2次的な two차적인 antraeilis otršķirīgs; mazāk svarīgs tidak berapa penting secundairunderordnet ; mindredrugorzędny دوهم secundário secundar второстепенный druhoradý drugorazreden sporedan sekundär, underordnad สำคัญน้อยกว่า ikinci derecede (olan) 次要的 другорядний اہمیت میں کمتر thứ Find Out Moreclick site yếu 次要的 secundari

Even so, in the tropics and sub-tropics, wherever the climates are usually characterised with summertime evenings which are warm and sultry and summer season times that happen to be incredibly hot and humid, thermal mass is of minimal advantage and in fact is usually harmful Otherwise effectively used.

in attractiveness polls he came second only to Nelson Mandela → en los sondeos period el segundo más well-liked por detrás de Nelson Mandela

JP2072 is additionally supplying the deployed tactical communications along with the link from these bearers in to the SATCOM network.”

; it won’t have a second → es dauert nicht lange; I’ll only be a second (or two) → ich komme gleich; (= again quickly) → ich bin gleich wieder da; at that extremely second anonymous → genau in dem Augenblick

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