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  • Jackson said:
    hi:) I am a member of the group called "At breakfast" pop punk rock http://www.purevolume.com/atbreakfast thanks,good luck! Jun 16
  • lovetheoath777 said:
    I don\'t get how she singles us out. Everyone else talks a lot more but then she just singles me out when I say one word. All the teachers are like that with me =[ oh well Mar 19
  • lovetheoath777 said:
    HAHA!!! SCREW THAT!!! She said she needed to see me today because of my \"classroom behavior\" I had something to drink in class Mar 19
  • kristi nicole said:
    hey cute-ums. well im bored and have nothing to do, so i decided to comment you. plus you also said i should get on more often. so yeahh...well i cant wait till next week :]] especially when were at erics. ohh yeahh, im not gonna be staying in navarre bc if i do then ill probably have to stay the whole week which would totally suck bc then i wouldnt be able to go anywhere. so when are you going to pcb. bc me and a few others were thinking abotu going down from sunday throughh tuesday [i think] well imma go get something to eat. ill ttyl byess :] Mar 18
    Hi! if you like rock & pop listen to this band, if you want you cant add yourself as a FAN or leave your comment, bye and greetings! Hola! si te gusta el rock & pop tienes que escuchar esta banda! si quieres te puedes agregar como fan o dejar tu comentario, adis! http://www.purevolume.com/ALLASCA http://www.allasca.com Mar 16
  • lovetheoath777 said:
    yeah... Jacob is a happy man... I\'ve been told we look cute together by basicaly EVERYONE!!! Mar 07
  • lovetheoath777 said:
    yeah, I only have one picture of me and her... She has them all... I could be a random freak pervert and post the pictures of her... but that would just be wierd and kind of just..... wierd... I might put some more on some other time... not now tho... i mean it took me like two months to post my first one... lol but yeah, I absolutely love her Mar 07
  • lovetheoath777 said:
    haha... nice... yeah, so I finally put up a picture... I\'M FREAKING HUNGRY DUDE!!! OMFG... LLLLLUUUUUUUNNNNNCCCCCHHHHHH... I don\'t like biology class... Mar 07
  • kristi nicole said:
    correction: 9 weeks untill party time. Feb 22
  • kristi nicole said:
    ohh well the kids i was sitting with they went to first assembly or woodlawn. Feb 19


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    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

    Mar 07, 2007



My name is Daniel... I use 2 go 2 CHS but now I go 2 OWC... i'm in 10th grade and can't wait till i get my liscense... some may know me as pocket-rocket or wee-man, but to most im that-short-kid... but hey i did grow a little bit... now im 5'5"!!!! BIG RED MACHINE T-BONE SECTION!!!!! I'm in love... with food. and someone else... I'm not fat, but only cuz i have a fast metabolism. THANK GOD, im in the FCA band at Crestview High and i play bass. I also Play Bass in my Church( Emmanuel Bap!) for adults(as fill in) and youth. and i play bass 4 Orchestra VS. Symphony!!!!! I wrestle for CHS. weight class 103, district 3rd place, 9th at nationals, 2nd at state, 8 gold medals, 11 silver, 15 bronze, 1st and second at state qualifier, started when i was 8, i have 98 career wins and 56 losses. I also got 3rd at the AAU nationals in georgia. WRESTLING ROX!

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