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During the entire procedure as well as while we were sitting in one location, enjoyed by soldiers, they were frequently shooting us. They were likewise worried of showing their faces, they were concealed, as well as it is probably considering that they wanted to prevent any lawsuit when and if they travel. I had not been for a moment terrified that any one of us would certainly offer any sort of reason for the soldiers to open fire. One hour a day, or 2 times Thirty Minutes, we might invest outside our cells," Charlie stated. I do think that our training made us handle the scenario skillfully and also cooled down the circumstance. To board our ship was a clear act of piracy, There is without a doubt of that, an offense against maritime law in addition to global regulation. Yet they were likewise frightened, that we can see clearly in their eyes, and a team of terrified boys with lot of guns is not an enjoyable point. The pictures the soldiers had people throughout the boarding were taken in Gothenburg merely prior to we left for immediate. He also appears regularly in the media, as well as has included as a visitor on LBC Radio, Colourful Radio and somewhere else. Nonetheless, there were 4 or five masked soldiers, greatly armed as well as holding guards while they were approaching us. Yet a few of them appeared to be a little bit curious concerning us after some time, even if they were banned to chat. "Also when we were sitting two in each cell we needed to stand up and also get dressed so they could possibly count us several times a day.".

Perhaps in reality it was the Israeli navy which had actually lost its sense of instructions (as well as priorities) by taking control of a watercraft of private citizens in international waters as well as already taking them to the Israeli port of Ashdod.

The declarations, sights as well as point of views expressed in this column are exclusively those of the writer as well as do not always represent those of RT

. The good news is in this situation Charlie as well as all the various other protestors were ok. His point of view is that the mainstream media has an obligation to challenge power, instead than to offer power. They wanted to understand exactly how we got the cash for the boat, the objective, how I could manage to sign up with, to what countries I have actually been. When I saw just how afraid they were when they approached me I stated to them, with a tranquil voice which startled myself a little bit, that they had nothing to be worried of, that I had absolutely nothing in my hands (and revealing my hands for them), that I not was going to touch them or throw anything on them, however likewise repeatedly that they were going against global law, that it was an act of piracy, as well as that they need to go back to their watercrafts as well as allow us proceed our quest and also that we were no danger for the state of Israel. He has actually attended speaker at events for various companies ranging from the University of East Greater london to the Individuals's Setting up covering various subjects. I began to bleed from my forehead yet very little. Richard has taught writing poetry for speed at Brunel College, and also preserves the power of the talked and written word can greatly effect change in today's world. . I asked him what occurred on the evening the watercraft was seized.

"They came, and were not seen by anyone while they were doing so. The siege of Palestine proceeds, nonetheless, and while international regulation is made a mockery of, all initiatives ought to be made to sustain campaigns such as the Flexibility Flotilla and to create the humanitarian situation to the forefront of worldwide focus.

"When it was light enough we could see three frigates, one patrol boat as well as nine much smaller crafts including the white repainted zodiacs. It may be the reason they utilized more physical violence than essential as an outcome of that. They were also taking the name Ship to Gaza away from the boat - I presume the name was also terrifying for them.".

"Everybody on board had training in pacifist withstanding, as well as all of us understood exactly what to do as well as where to be if we were boarded, and also everybody adhered to our arrangement. One commander came up to me and informed me my name numerous times, simply to make certain that I comprehended that they understood me.".

The unlawfully seized watercraft, the "Marianne," belonged to a convoy of vessels which had set out from various destinations in European waters, with the purpose of reaching Gaza in busy Palestine.

Simply a couple of weeks back, an act of piracy happened on the high seas, where a team of global protestors participating in an altruistic goal consisting of a participant of the Israeli parliament, were recorded and also apprehended.

Nevertheless, the Marianne was halted in its tracks, approximately 100 maritime miles from Gaza by the Israeli navy, which, running without jurisdiction and in total negligence of international regulation, boarded the watercraft, taking those aboard detainee.

"It took them about 50 mins to take control of the Marianne, but numerous hours before they had the engine running so they can take us to Ashdod. I think they wondered what their objective was about, because it ended up being clear that we provided no danger whatsoever. Right after, 2 large zodiacs came, but they were repainted as the Coastguard with no nationwide marks or flags," he said.

These are the truths, and also this is just what took place. [There were] a great deal of lies about just how well the Palestinians were treated by them." Charlie added that it was strange to go over that issue with them, because he spent a year in Gaza and was there throughout the 2014 battle.

It goes without saying, a group of protestors attempting to damage a prohibited blockade of a country occupied by among the most effective armed forces in the globe could hardly be considereded nuisances.

The story didn't bring in much protection in the MSM. Those zodiacs was later on brought up on a frigate.".

The media has been quite peaceful on the therapy of those which were by force taken to Ashdod. And also, certainly, there was the steady filming as well as the continuous existing from the leaders.".

We've all become aware of accounts of the cruelty lived daily by Palestinians by the Israeli authorities, yet just what was the treatment of those aboard the Marianne once the ship had been commandeered in global waters?

Charlie's account does not shock me, yet was there any resistance from team members to the Israeli military? As I had actually been because of travel on among the watercrafts myself, I had together with others been provided comprehensive 'non-violent' resistance training in ways to respond to the IDF.

"We had no right to telephone call, however our attorney and consul came. Coverage somewhere else among different media outlets ranged from being exact to downright disingenuous. I was the very first one that was struck, again and again again by two Taser weapons at the time, and also after I was down on my knees they continued with Tasers and began to beat me with hands and also by kneeing me. Just what took place to the Marianne after reaching Israel?

"Early in the morning, at concerning 1:30 a.m., we were gotten in touch with by the IDF (Israeli Support Make). Somebody was additionally atop the roof covering of the wheelhouse by then. At finest, those participating were described as what they were - help employees, musicians, reporters and political leaders pursuing a common goal of getting to Gaza - as well as, at worst, were called terrorists and also "agitators.".


Richard Sudan is a London based writer, political lobbyist, and also performance poet.His writing has been released by the Independent, the Guardian, the Huffington Write and also Washington Spectator, along with various other newspapers, journals, and blogs. No one would certainly have tried to quit them anyhow as we were committed to pacifist resistance. The wave of http://occupyfdp.com publicity which as a result emanated from some Israeli press workplaces attempted to divert focus away from the altruistic situation in Gaza, to one more equally unfortunate altruistic situation in Syria. But then once again, you could never ever know just what instructions they have or if any one of them would certainly go nuts.".

"By then, we were ONE HUNDRED nautical miles from the coast of Israel, and the coastguard can just operate within 12 nautical miles from its shore. One of the activists aboard the Marianne, Charlie Andreasson, was held by the Israeli authorities in Ashdod for 6 days prior to finally being launched.

I spoke to him lately and also he provided me his account of what occurred, which does not fit with the official line from Israel that says that the seizure of the Marianne was "uneventful" as well as non-violent.

"During the interrogation it was clear that they had a whole lot of personal info about us. After time with nonsense screamed from the untrue coastguard boats, informing everybody aboard to collect in front of the watercraft so they conveniently could quickly take control of our boat, as is consistently done to the Palestinian fisherman on a nearly a day-to-day basis, a team of Israeli soldiers instantly were on board," Charlie said.

"Because they at first were so afraid it was clear that they were told by their leaders something that wasn t real. In a letter provided to protestors on board the Marianne after its seizure, Israeli Prime Preacher Benjamin Netanyahu recommended that the protestors had actually gotten "lost" on their means to Syria.

"Numerous soldiers and also army authorities existed, like an addict show as well as we were the addicts. 5 people were tasered altogether, and also the captain was defeated as well as intimidated by a gun if he did not work together. We were taken one at a time, they examined our possessions again and again again, stole my certificates that I require for my career as a seafarer, took our finger prints, investigation for two hrs, some embarrassment stuff, and after that drove us to the prison of Givon.".

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