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  • General: You Are Cordially Invited.

    To visit the blog I actually update. It's pretty cool. bleeppowrawr.tumblr.com Copy and....you know what to do with it.

    May 25, 2010

  • General: i'm a dork. i took the survey. i feel so self-centered. :)

    TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The SurveyName:KatBirthday:July 18thBirthplace:Richmond, VaCurrent Location:still hereEye Color:blueHair Color:brownHeight:5'6Right Handed or L…

    Jun 16, 2009

  • General: yee haa!

    dr.manhattan is awesome. i do not like to listen to music at any higher volume than is neccessary, but i can't help but turn them up to a normal human volume. i'll expl…

    Jun 08, 2009

  • General: my common sense has failed me.

    do not ever watch videos of people being peirced....it has to be the most terrifying thing on earth. i watched two....a few days apart....one on purpose and one by acci…

    May 21, 2009



I'm kat. I'm obsessed with music and Sims........and cats (well, and jellyfish too). My favorite genre on earth is electronica. Oh, the piano, best instrument in the world. I'm studying to be an audio recording engineer. :) If you know me, you know i'm really obsessed with it...I read equipment manuals and textbooks and a weird variety of magazines about it...I dream about it, I talk about it, it's just the coolest stuff on earth. I sew a lot...a lot. And I'm a vegetarian...although, I couldn't begin to explain why. I love cheerleading...yeah. I know it sounds dorky, but I adore it. Currently, I backspot and base and I love it *flexes muscles*. I enjoy a good logic problem when it rains and if you too have a thing for logic problems, then I love you...because that makes you cool. Yeah, so, these are SOME of my favorite bands, but a lot of my favorites ones aren't on purevolume. Talk to me if you've got the time. I don't bite...MUCH. Because, technically, they use less ice cream.

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