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  • General: black crows lullaby

    sleepless nights and endless days, time has come to turn the page. In teardrop stains my pillow is decorated, though we're physically apart... we're never to be sepa…

    Apr 20, 2010

  • General: "the toxic kiss"

    I listen to the sound of the pouring rain it washes away the tears of my emotional pain You left a black rose for me at the door step of my heart it hits bulls eye l…

    Mar 04, 2010

  • General: "darkness at dawn, light at dusk"

    When darkness comes at dawn another heart has been broken carve mine out and cut it to peices, burn it and scatter the ashes the pain unbearable, meloncholy is abun…

    Feb 25, 2010

  • General: How could it be??

    . This poem is entitled How Could It Be?.   How Could It Be?? Look at the sunrise, the most beautiful sunrise The smell of morning air, is the most beautiful scent…

    Feb 06, 2010

  • General: how to become a christian

    1. no one is perfect. we all sin and fall short of glory of christ "for all have, and come short of the glory of God" -romans 3:23 2. jesus christ willingly came to e…

    Nov 29, 2009



hey wassup im josh. im a musician, writer, pothead, rebel, believer in God, and a very easy person to be friends with. i love tattoos, badass music, meeting new people, playing in/going to shows, etc. my favorite artists vary from badass metal bands like cannibal corpse, alice in chains, machine head, lamb of God, meshuggah, chelsea grin, for the fallen dreams, motionless in white, metallica, korn, megadeth, slayer, impending doom, suicide silence, and so on. badass rappers such as spm, paul wall, juan gotti, etc. and country artists such as whiskey myers, Hank III, cross canadian ragweed, etc.. so yea im a music freak and yea.. thats bout it for me lol.

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