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  • Costas Themis said:
    Check out "Sea of Stars" by ILLINOISE UP NOW!!!! Also Fan our page for upcoming music from our ep, sneak peaks, trailers, videos, & more! www.purevolume.com/illinoiseli www.facebook.com/illinoiseli Jul 11
  • Mega Krissy 2.0 said:
    Hey cutie :-) Would you be a sweetheart and check out my brothers band? It would be REALLY REALLY awesome if you could become a fan!!! www.purevolume.com/lovecunningham Jun 08
  • Legna Zeg said:
    Hello, maybe this could be annoying but id like to share my bands song with you, check them out if ur free time allws u www.purevolume.com/afewmemories Apr 26
  • Jackson said:
    hi:) I recommend listening to this pop punk rock band called "At Breakfast http://www.purevolume.com/atbreakfast thanks , good luck! Jun 04
  • Jc Undone/ Johnny Braindead said:
    hi im jc if u want sumting new check out JC UNDONE music hir on purevolume. he plays not so good songs and tell wat u think bout his music(leave a comment) tnx Apr 05
  • jem said:
    Being crazy is the funest and bestest thing you could ever be >:B Mar 15
  • jem said:
    That sounds pretty schweet music-wise. Sorry I haven't been on here in a while >.< What's new? Mar 02
  • [HAVOC] said:
    yeah hw blows Feb 19
  • [HAVOC] said:
    thanx 4 the add,so wats up wit ya Feb 18
  • jem said:
    That sounds amazingly awesome. I'm sure it's fantastic :D What's it about, if you don't mind my asking? Jan 26


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  • General: Saint

    this song is called saint wrote it christmas eve tell me what you think ^-^ verse: i'm no saint and i'll admit that i faint at the sight of giving up are you with me o…

    Jan 03, 2010

  • General: Lyrics for Drifting by Andy Mckee tell me what you think =D

    At this point in time you're just a spec from my eyes and even though you've gone so far away I hold my hand out to you I will never leave you I will always be there no…

    Jan 01, 2009

  • General: song on the spot

    we beg and we plead we fall to our knees asking for something to hold in our hands for something to love but only for now prechorus: what what do we want…

    Dec 09, 2008

  • General: ...

    The Saddest of Songs So many things I Want to say But somehow I Just Don’t know What to say I’m rambling On and on Because I’m just not Thinking straig…

    Sep 03, 2008

  • General: omigah an amazing new song!!!!! help me think of a title =D

    Red smearing lipstick mascara bleeding from your eyes pale face, just like a ghost empty eyes and bulletholes slit wrists and broken hearts angry words and false s…

    Jul 29, 2008



there's not really much to me except music..its my refuge..it's the place i go whenever i need a shoulder to cry on...if only people where that way...i write songs...they're okay...i don't make music just because i can...i make music because it is my life...wow that was deep lmao =D

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