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Children are active, sometimes hyper active. Their concerns are not your concerns. They have about three things in their minds; Eat, sleep and play. While not all children indulge in all of these in the same proportion, generally most are full of them. It may be hard to separate from your child since most children are highly social, they always want your attention every minute they are out to play. Somehow, I think in their minds, they consider us as CEOs of Play-all-the-time LLC and they expect us to truly be there to play all the time even when it is 1:00am on Monday.

Except you also have that full-time playing time, you may need to learn how to make your child play alone.

How to Teach Your Child to Play Alone

Be Comfortable with a Messy Room

I put this first because it’s important to be comfortable with your children being free during playtime. Otherwise, your child begins to feel uncomfortable each time you shout at him for throwing toys around. When he is done playing, you can sort out things and clean pick up things. No one says that he should be allowed to spread the chocolate on your law books, but within reason, he should be given freedom.

Surround Him with Enough Open-ended Activities and Toys

 The first motivation for your child to play is to find what to play with. That’s sensible, right?  If your child will play alone, he should be able to see enough engaging, educating and creative toys and activities. This keeps him keeping on without end as long as he wishes.

Get the Fun Started with Him

There are times your child will get the playing project started all by himself, there are other times he needs to be ignited to begin. Sit beside him, pick up one of his toys, get the fun started and as he catches the bug, you can retract quietly and systematically, of course. Spending a few minutes this way to get him started has a way of keeping him longer with it.

Don’t Fall to the Temptation of Helping Him at Every Time He Asks

 Or toys such as puzzles, it is not uncommon for your child to keep consulting you or for you to feel an upsurge of need to help him, just relax. If you indulge him too much, he will keep asking you for it. Try as much as you can to let him enjoy the thrill. If you love yourself, don’t even ask him questions or comment. The same way you want to be quiet and rest, he may also want to focus on his fun. Isn’t that good for you also?

Keep a Quite Check on Him Intermittently

As much as you want your child to play alone, you sure don’t want him to also harm himself. This is especially so when two or more kids are all together playing. If it seems they are not in tune, it’s safer to intervene to refresh their play.

Children always need companionship, the ideas above are meant to make them see a good company in their toys and activities to keep them busy all by themselves. It may not be expected to work at first trial; you just need to keep trying it, padding it with a new innovation each time.



Posted Oct 06, 2016 at 5:47am



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