• I know, I know, my name is so cool said:
    hey, do you like As I Lay Dying??? u should ckeck em out..they are Christian death metal and so is becoming the archetype :) death out! Jesus Nov 23
  • Danielle Elise said:
    hmm, I don't know. I never get any comments on this or anything, so I just forgot about it. lol. Nov 22
  • Danielle Elise said:
    I know! I'm alright. What's up? Nov 22
  • Danielle Elise said:
    Hey, yes, I'm good. How are you? Nov 20
  • kai said:
    N# (8bit/nintendocore) Nov 08
  • Rawwwrrlizzeh said:
    heyy,sorry for a late reply...nothing much,I should be revising for a geography test,but im too tired to concentrate lol.How are you? xx Nov 02
  • Seera™ {♥} said:
    i would but i have a monroe and the combination looks bad Oct 25
  • brittney said:
    hey Oct 25
  • Seera™ {♥} said:
    uhmmmm after school on friday i went out and got my hips pierced and it rally hurt so i couldnt even put my shirt down over them and my dad saw so i got grounded just like when i got my nose pierced....lol Oct 25
  • CleytonAwake777 said:
    hello, sorry to be here I know it is annoying ... I am the voice of the band Awake Of a Dream and saw you on purevolume band Drop Dead, Gorgeous, good I'm here to show our work, we have a very strong influence of A Day To Remember ... it can be given in one of our sound ... http://www.purevolume.com/awakeofadreamuk ... if orkut, one of us strength *-* entering the community and participating in topics ... http://www.orkut.com.br/Main # community.aspx cmm = 8394490 ... again excuse the inconvenience and expect an answer whether negative or positive *-* thanks for the space CleytonAwake Oct 22
  • Seera™ {♥} said:
    lol yeah, now they're teaching me about cells......seriously? my little brother is in the sixth grade and we had the same homework last night i was like.......wow Oct 22
  • asdf said:
    sup Oct 21
  • Tommi ToXication™ said:
    hey there :) Oct 21
  • Seera™ {♥} said:
    dude, i am so bored, this high school teaches me shit i learned in like the fourth grade.....it's so stupid!!!! Oct 20
  • Zombie Sailor said:
    i just got home from my friends, really bored Oct 17
  • Zombie Sailor said:
    hey :) how are you Oct 17
  • blah said:
    thnkx hun :) so how r yew? Oct 17
  • blah said:
    hey i like yewr hair :D Oct 15
  • samm-hearts-ff5@hotmail.com said:
    hey xx ily Oct 15
  • Seera™ {♥} said:
    lol. nothing really. not paying attention in my computer apps. class. you? Oct 14

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IF YOU LIKE BRING ME THE HORIZON OR ASKING ALEXANDRIA DO NOT ADD ME! EVER! Add me on facebook. Kevin Allen i dont come on very much anymore if u guys add me sorry it might be a lil before i accept and if ur in a band in conneticut and need a deathmetal screamer message me i got a cell. message me on here for my number. I love Deathmetal, Folkmetal, Deathcore, Metalcore, Metal, and some screamo. i dont like any emo shit at all. I kinda look emo but im far from it. my favorite bands, Children of Bodom, Lamb of god, Suicide silence, Whitechapel, Liferuiner, Nile, Death, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, The devil wears prada, As i lay dying, winds of plague and alottt more. i also have Xbox live add me XXSlayTheWeakXX.

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