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Life and the various hardships it throws in our way can often push us right into the arms of depression. The crushing pressure, the numbing sense of hopelessness, the dull lethargy and the restlessness are all the symptoms of a depressed person. If you have taken the depression test and find yourself as one of those depressed people then its time to sit up, take notice and change your approach towards life. The journey of how to fight depression starts right at home with the kind of food you eat. Comfort food can ease your depression but foods which are essentially rich in Omega-3 are known to fight depression before its advent. Have plenty of Omega-3 rich food and have small balanced diets.

If you find yourselves continually asking am I depressed then you have nothing better to do with your life it seems. Get up and fix a goal for yourself. Set achievable easy goals but do not give yourself too much easy chores either. Challenge yourself everyday with something new. Most of the specialists dealing with depression cases suggest that often something as simple as a daily routine can help pick up your mood and take away the negativity. Follow a routine but find time for doing stuff that makes you happy. Try to strike up a balance between hobbies and chores.


Decreased serotonin levels lead to depression. Try to get them high naturally without succumbing to the sleaze of anti depressants available nowadays. They might cure the symptoms but it’s ultimately up to you to drive your life in a direction that’s fulfilling as well as comforting and satisfying. Exercise regimens lead to increased flow of endorphins in our body which are the feel good chemicals inside our body. Give your body a burst of those endorphins whenever you can with brisk jogging, hiking trips and nature walks. People who eat balanced diets spaced evenly around the day instead of heavy meals feel less lethargic and have increased vigor for life. Often people who do not sleep adequately and have light disturbing bouts of sleep face acute depression since sleeplessness can take its toll on our minds and make us feel like failures due to stress and underperformance in aspects of daily life. Be properly rested and never give up the essential beauty sleep. All these tricks can put your life back on track and steer you away from depression.

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