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Tempe, AZ

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Cady Groves Pro

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Oklahoma City, OK

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Auburn, WA

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Panther Creek, TX

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Buffalo, NY

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itsallforhim! (jesus is my super hero!)

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United States

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You Me At Six Pro

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United Kingdom

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September Artist

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Toronto, ON

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Like Rockets Pro

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Brisbane, Australia

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High Five Drive By

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Saint Louis, MO

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MIchigan Summer

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Detroit, MI

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Buck McGrane

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United States

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United States

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Kasey Roar Pro

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The Heartland, MO

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New York City, NY

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Punk Goes Pop 2 Pro

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United States

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London Airspace

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Phoenix, AZ

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Swimming With Dolphins Pro

Ambient / Pop / Other

Cambridge, MN

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The Downtown Fiction Pro

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Chantilly, VA

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The Summer Highlight (NEW SONG!!!)

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Detroit, MI

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  • General: Concert n_n

    Did anyone else go to the take action show in Orlando on Feb. 11 with Mayday Parade, Rocket, We The Kings, There For Tomorrow, an Call The Cops? I went and had the TIME…

    Feb 13, 2010



I'M NEVER ON HERE ANYMORE. I come on literally like once a month, sorry guys :/. i will eventually get back to all your messages but it may take me awhile. be patient! if i actually know you, i'll add you on facebook. if i've only known you for like a week, then don't ask. anyways, my about me: hey i'm kristen :) some lil things about me.. I looove Breathe Carolina, The Maine, Brighten, All Time Low, Family Force 5, A Day To Remember, Escape The Fate, A Rocket To The Moon, FTSK, Owl City (...since '07), We The Kings, The Summer Set, 3OH!3, and sooo many more. Best youtubers - Mitchell Davis and desandnate. i don't really like where i live. i shut people out when i'm in a bad mood. sometimes i feel like people can hear my thoughts...if that were the case.. o_o. i HATE spiders (#1 fear). i just dislike bugs in general and can't sleep if i know there's one in my room. i'm a sucker for pretty eyes :). i love to laugh. I hate when people get obessed with a band.. when they know one song. i kinda don't really like cherry flavored stuff, or those bright red 'fake' cherries (you all know what im talkin about) but real cherries are fantastic! i love photography. guy singers > girl singers. i can swallow pills without water... yeah. i've had surgery. i've played apple shmear (cheaper by the dozen hah). Rollercoasters and scary movies are top notch, but i'm not into watching scary movies alone. yes, i do realize i have too many pictures. no, i'm not conceited, i just like photography a lot :). i believe in ghosts/aliens/paranormal things. i'm always cold. i'm easily amused. Dirk Mai is AMAZING. i'm lactose intolerant and i hate it (who would like it?). i love piercings and tattoos. i plan on getting a tattoo, not sure when, not sure of what. it'll be something meaningful...not like a butterfly or whatever -_-. i like upsidedown and sideways photos. i like sleepin and stayin up late, but hate wakin up early. i love looking at the sky, the stars, and the clouds. i could do each of those allll day if it was possible. i love takin walks anytime of the year, but mostly in the summer. i love my friends coz they are cool. i love hot weather, not really a fan of the cold. but i do like snow! discovery channel is pretty cool, same with animal planet. i like band tshirts and concerts. kittens are thee cutest thing! vanilla is better than chocolate, and coke is better than pepsi! (there's a difference). i tend to stare off into space frequently and zone out at the worst time. music is literally my life. i pretty much like any kind of genre except rap and country and stuff. i hate fakes and liars... i know you're lying to me, fess up. i love talking to people i love. i love rain and thunderstorms. i like hugs, holding hands, and cuddling. i hate feet :/ and being cold. i don't open up to people easily and will only let you know all the little secrets about me if i trust you 100%. Yes i'm a girl, no i will not make you a sandwhich, so if that's the way you think, gtfo. i hate conceited people. just get over yourself. i like reading so i'll talk to you about books if you like them too 8)! i loove people who play the guitar and i really want to learn how to play it myself. i need to be by myself for some part of the day, otherwise i get in a bad mood. i don't like mainstream music, for the most part. i hate the black eyed peas and i feel like i'm the only one. video games are pretty rad. i like arguing, usually, as long as it's 'playful'. i love when i'm home alone, i can do anything i want without gettung questioned. i don't really like repeating myself. drama is waaste. i'm not into seafood, olives, onions, mushrooms. i dont like when people smoke. i hate when people are walking slow in front of you in a busy highschool hallway when you're trying to get to class :l. and slow drivers annoy me too. i haate being ignored and being interrupted -_-! i hate when you are tryin to have a conversation with someone and all they answer with are one word answers. but i love you if you read through all this so befriend me...or somethin! :) im friendly

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