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Break The Silence

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Barely Blind

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  • Liz Sparks said:
    hey,what´s up? i´d like to share some music with you! please listen to: http://www.purevolume.com/bjmo and leve your comment please,hope you like it! =) Nov 10
  • leito said:
    www.purevolume.com/interprete__desconocido hear us !!! comment !!! and becoming a fan!!! thank you!!! Sep 05
  • Linho said:
    Oi!! ADD!! www.purevolume.com/bornofthespirit (OUÇA!!!!!) Jul 31
  • geenik said:
    haha me too idk also how to do that.the voice mail.also only few of us use that here.thats why.lol Jan 05
  • Nick88 said:
    thats cool mine was a lil befor xmas wat kinda phone? Jan 04
  • Nick88 said:
    Happy new year to u 2 im good u? Jan 02
  • geenik said:
    aw.thanks then.haha:D i had a sony camera here.but its not mine its my cousins.mine is.you know.haha not workin Jan 02
  • geenik said:
    nice present u got.haha lol i wish i had a new camera.i cant afford to fix my old cam.hah Jan 01
  • geenik said:
    yea.lol twas great.i received bunch of stuffs and idk what they call that in here.hbu hows xmas? Dec 27
  • geenik said:
    lately ive been sleeping all day.idk i guess im just too tired or sumthing.lol im hungryXD Dec 09


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  • General: vans warped tour

    ok so i got back from vans warped tour!!! i went on the 26 and it was great!!! if any of u went plez talk 2 me! well i met tom from the plain white t's and he was so ko…

    Jun 30, 2006

  • General: well thats life i guess

    well rite now i have no idea what to do. i have never looked at a blog before and this is my first one so just bear with me. its funny how music always comes into e…

    May 31, 2006



im really into making my own stuff and music is a big thing for me. i love every1. so talk 2 me its cool. There's something strange going on in my head That says if I were to get in a car right now North Carolina is where I would end And to your doorstep I would be bound. To whisper the words that I've always wanted to say, And watch as the sun rips this blue sky away Cause the colors are always changing So stare up at the clouds And at least you know you're always looking up So Casey can you remember (do you remember) sitting by my side On the bank of the Delaware River and talking about life Don't forget about the blue skies, sunrise, and all the space between It's amazing how a girl like you can affect a guy like me All the pictures, memories and all the times we had Do you think that some things are better left unsaid? VALENCIA- the spaced between (they dedicated a song 2 us! i no they love us!) And this is the soundtrack playing in back of our restless lives And though they make no sense these are the moments we'll remember for the rest of our restless lives THE MATCHES- the restless may your organs fail before your dreams fail you THE MATCHES- little maggots I creep with the grace of an ice cream truck! THE MATCHES- my soft and deep

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