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Efficiently Build a Site with All These 4 Important Things

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Prior to diving into building a site, It is crucial to know some of the terminology and ideas behind the whole procedure. With all the information provided below, creating your own website would surely be a lot simpler. how to make a website

So let us just quickly go over the four crucial things that you should utilize to build your web site. So as to help you get a better understanding of how a website works, we’ll make use of the analogy of a brick-and-mortar store and draw parallels between the two.


Getting a domain name is the very first thing you should do. A domain name is like an address for the website. It tells customers where to find you on the internet. When deciding upon a domain name, try to keep it short. That would ensure it's easy to recall and type in when consumers want to locate you. how to create a website

Like a regular store has an address that you give to the clients so they can locate you, your website would also need a “web address” so your clients could find you on line.


What exactly is a website hosting service? It’s a company providing servers where websites are located. The server is simply a special computer that has special software to display sites. Are servers always on? Of course, 24/7. That guarantees that your website is always on line and available to your visitors.

Think of the website hosting service as the land where you are going to create your own website. The place where to build your web site is provided. Think of it this way, the structure and all other things of an offline store need a land the same way as data files and photos of a website require a place for storage.


WordPress is amongst the most if not the most popular platform today. WordPress is free to utilize and can be installed on your server with only one click. A piece of software program is formed when a series of files and images work together. WordPress is responsible for interacting with the server and the user at the same time.

A website platform is like the structure for the website. It’s the structure that supports the website. Just like a normal store wouldn’t exist without a real building, a website needs a website platform to provide a location, or structure, for you to connect to all your customers in the online world.


A theme can be likened to paint. It’s what allows one to create a unique feel and look through color and design. Just as every brick-and-mortar store utilizes design and color to create a unique experience, your website’s theme can be utilized to change the feel and look of a site.

So, there you have it. Those are the only components required to make a website on your own. Just make sure you understand how each and every component works.


Posted Jun 15, 2015 at 6:49am