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How to Make Gluten-free Snacks

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In case you are worried about your health and wish to be capable of eat better while still snacking occasionally, or maybe you're a vegan otherwise you have coeliac disease, in any case, you would like cookies. Well here are some healthy gluten-free cookies recipes which will surely allow you to seem like you're following your rules while still tasting deliciousness.

1. Flourless Chocolate Chewies: A fantastic option that's healthy and tasty is nuts. They may be one of the few foods which are really excellent for you, like eat them each day and you will be more satisfied because of it. This is because of the healthy fats, the numerous vitamins and nutrients and their ability to remove plaque from arteries. This is what you will need of these tasty treats:

gluten free snacks

Confectioner's Sugar: 2 lbs.

Powered cocoa: 6 oz.

Egg-whites: 12 whites/oz.

Salt: 1 tsp

Vanilla flavoring: One teaspoon

Walnuts (or any other nut): 1 lb chopped coarsely

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and put parchment paper on the cookie sheets. Combine all the ingredients working in the nuts last, folding on them. Drop a combination into tablespoon size bites about 3 inches from one another. Bake them for around 12 minutes or until they're slightly firm to feel.

If they are done you should have about 24. Enjoy and when you cannot eat them simultaneously, store them within an airtight container - they'll be good for about a week.

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2. Chocolate and nuts aren't for everybody, so here's another light and delicious gluten free snack: macaroons. Some tips about what you will need:

Almond Flour: 4oz

Brown Sugar: 1 oz

Powered cocoa: 1 ½ Tbsp

Egg-whites: 3 large

Confectioner's Sugar: 2 oz

Red food coloring 1 drop

Preheat the oven to 450 and place parchment paper about the cookie sheets. Combine the almond flour, brown sugar, cocoa powder. Inside a different bowl, whip those egg whites until soft peaks form. Slowly add some confectioner's sugar towards the first mix using a drop of red food coloring to take out your chocolatey color of the powered cocoa. Continue whipping the egg whites before the peaks harden.

Fold inside the first mixture. Fill a piping bag having a ½ inch tip and squeeze out 1 inch tips to the cookie sheet. Bake for 1 minute and take away to double pan.

Reject the oven to 375 and set rid of it looking for about 8- Ten minutes or until they're dry. Eliminate the cookies and pour ¼ cup water on the cookie sheet beneath the parchment paper. Allow water rest for some minutes then pour it off. Remove with spatula.

If you want to add a hint of chocolate, you can make spread a ganache following these steps:

Simmer 6 oz of heavy cream

Pour it over 4 oz of semi sweet chocolate and mix

Spread on the cookies

Those two gluten-free cookies recipes will be guaranteed to amaze even those family and friends that do not watch what they eat. Give them a go both! I bet you did not know gluten-free cookies could be so great.


Posted Jul 05, 2014 at 11:41pm