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Los Angeles Photo booths

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When searching for photo booths make sure you check out all the different deals they have. There is a big probability they have the perfect package for you.Photo Booth Rentals Los Angeles There are companies that have different types of picture booths. A classic booth generally costs much more because its working cost is also higher. These first generation booths may also have extra requirements of your venue because of their bulkiness and their heavier weight. This type of booth will most likely cost between $900 and $1500 for its rental for four hours.


New booths are already digital and need lesser maintenance, which is why they're cheaper. They also very easily fit to the venue as they are not large and weigh much less. For a digital booth you can expect to see anywhere from $650-$895 for a similar time period with most companies. The more reliable businesses have competitive prices because of high demand in the market. Then again, they also have the hottest booths in the market.

Like purchasing anything else you must be cautious of the fine print when breaking down the photo booth rental cost. Some businesses charge extra fees for their services or have completely different ideas of what is included in your rental period.Photo Booths in Los Angeles Your photo booth company should never attempt to charge for delivery (when it is a local event) or count the set-up/tear down of the booth as a part of the contracted hours to be worked. Now while you may think you got a great deal on a 4hr booth rental today, exactly how much of a deal is it really gonna be if they use the first hour to set-up and the last to tear down.

Now you assumed you're paying for 4hrs of photos, but all you wound up with was two hours of photographs and a live exhibit of an attendant assembling then disassembling your booth. The business should not include the time spent in setting up and tearing the booth down in the 4 hours that you covered. A photo booth expert must already be included in the rental fee. The individual must be around during the entire event. In this manner, any problems can be addressed right away. Your family and friends will likely have a handful of questions for the attendant to answer. The mere presence of the attendant gives you assurance that the entire event will be a roaring success.

As for the cost, discounts are typically offered during the cold season and whenever leasing the booth on weekdays. Be sure to ask the business about discount rates. It will never hurt to talk to them.


Posted May 06, 2014 at 8:15am