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Types of Dog Tumors And Their Symptoms

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Animals are known for their unconditional love; and dogs are one of the most lovable, loyal, friendly, and intelligent pets across the globe. That is whymost dog owners care for their dogs like a family member. But do you know that just like human beings, dogs can have tumors too? If not, then you can read thisarticle to learn about early symptoms and signs of Dog Tumors.

Tumor is a swollen body part which is generally caused due to abnormal growth of tissues in your body. These tumors could either be cancerous or noncancerous. A cancerous tumor grows continuously, causing death. There are different types of tumors in dogs similar to that in human beings.

Types of Dog (cancerous) Tumors

It is hard to differentiate whethertumors in dogsare cancerous or not. So,here is the list of all cancerous Dog Tumors.

Lymphoma: It is the most common type of cancerous tumor found in dogs. This is themost dangerous tumor, and its possibility in dogs isthree to four times higher than in human beings.

Symptoms:The most common symptom is enlargement of lymph nodes outside the body, mainly beneath the jaw, shoulders, and knees and other symptoms likevomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, breathing problem, laziness, and reduced appetite.

Hemangiosarcoma: This type of Dog Tumors develops from endothelialcells (cells that line blood vessels) and are common in old aged or middle-aged dogs. This tumor may affect heart, liver, and skin of dogs. It may not be very painful for dogs, but at the same time this is very difficult to detect in its initial stages.

Symptoms: There are no early signs for this type of tumor. With time, your dog will start feeling week and paleand experience trouble in breathing due to severe blood loss which happens when tumors burst.

Osteosarcoma: It is a common type of bone tumor which affects long bones of dogs. Mostly giant dog breeds are affected by this type of tumor, which is mainly found in their ribs or skull.

Symptoms:Dog Tumors Its symptoms may not be visible to naked eye, but it spreads rapidly and aggressively. You have to be really conscious about your dog’s health to cure such deadly tumor.

Mast Cell Tumor: This type of tumoris caused due to mast cells which are present in the entire body and are responsible for skin allergies. These are mostly found in skin; and dogs like bull dogs, boxers, etc., are diagnosed with such cancers.

Symptoms: This tumor can easily bedetectedon observing sudden swelling or growth of dogs. It is very easy for vets to detect such tumors.

Besides above-listed dog tumors, there are many more canine tumors like melanoma, transitional cell carcinoma, and soft tissue sarcoma which affect different body parts of dogs. The only way to prevent such deadly diseases is to take good care of your dogs and go for regular checkups. For more information visit here: Angel Care Canceer Center


Posted Jan 26, 2016 at 9:48pm