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What Should Know When Purchasing a Bar Stool

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Some home bars include matching barstools, but most home bars can be purchased without bar stools and leave it up to the consumer to purchase the type of bar stool that could best go with their new home bar. Bar stools can be purchased in a wide range of materials, finishes and shades, suited to a wide range of d©cor styles, personal tastes and any theme dreamt up by the imagination. Irish bar

Bar stools or counter stools or is it the same thing? Bar stools are taller than counter stools, typically standing around 4 inches higher to allow for the height of home bars and pub tables or pub sets. When buying bar stools separately for your residence bar, ensure that the space in the chair's seat to the counter's underside edge is between 10' to 12'. This can guarantee that you and your guests are comfy and have enough room for knees while sitting on the home bar or pub table. Generally, stools have a seat height of 30 to 32 inches.

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Varieties of Bar Stools

Backless bar stools use up less room than other kinds of bar stools since they have no backs and/or arms, that is especially useful for hide-a-bars or portable home bars. Backless barstools are ideal for adding additional seating to pub sets. They may be extremely adaptable to a number of d©cor styles or home bar themes. When space is an issue, backless bar stools are a fantastic choice. They also typically weigh less, are simpler to move around the room to where additional seating is required and come in a variety of materials and combinations, including wood or metal legs with an upholstered seat.

Bar stools with a back offer you and your guests with a lot more support and comfort. They are available in a wide range of styles and materials created for any budget and d©cor. Features range from upholstered backs and seats or ones created from wood with lattice splats or carved top rails. They may be great companions for longer, freestanding home bars.

Barstools with a back and arms utilize most space, especially if they have an adjustable or swivel base. This could be something you'll need to keep in mind when purchasing bar stools for a smaller-sized console bar or straight bar. Stools with arms are the ultimate in comfort, especially if the seat and back are upholstered.

Adjustable stools allow you to change the height with the stool, making them an extremely practical choice, particularly if you wish to use the bar stools anywhere else of your home, like in living rooms at an island or possibly a counter. Bar stools which can be adjustable can even be lowered to dining chair seat height (18'), causing them to be handy to have around during family or holiday dinners. With respect to the brand and manufacturer, all the various adjustability can be 10 or 15 inches.

Swivel bar stools are practical and versatile, because they allow the person using them freedom of motion. They are two basic forms of swivel stools, standard and memory. Every one of the types of bar stools are also available with a swivel base.


Posted Oct 19, 2015 at 9:41am