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NLC, NNLC, and ACFRI each were independent of FKK, though clearly had their roots in and main support from the Oshkosh-based group. Meanwhile, those members of ACFRI who were chiefly associated with ASA were attempting to direct the group in an ASA direct

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The Naturist Action Committee & Naturist Education Foundation

At the June 14-17, 1990 FKK Eastern Assembly, once again in Pennsylvania, FKK finally determined to press its members into forming a dynamic, successful political action group of their own. By 1990 FKK had enough members, enough regard on the list of naturist and non-naturist communities, enough useful ties with other naturist organizations, enough experienced and battle-veteran leaders, and a journal of adequate and consistent quality to take on the task of forming--eventually--a model naturist action group. Responding in part to Steiger's comments, FKK chose the summer to decide how best to organize this awesome group. In a second Eastern gathering that year, held at Camp Akiba in Pennsylvania on August 16-19, 1990, FKK officially formed the Naturist Action Committee. A Board of Directors pro term was chosen with Toni Egbert as Chair. NAC was to be known as the political arm of FKK, but keep enough autonomy to go in the directions the elected committee wished. Lee Baxandall would serve in a largely advisory capacity as a long-term but non voting member. The board was set up to be democratically elected by and from the FKK membership, with each FKK members getting one equal vote, Any qualified FKK member may run for one of the nine board positions, and stand for re-election after three years. FKK' magazine was designated the official organ of NAC. (In 1992 FKK, NAC and the Naturist Education Foundation would create a different, monthly newsletter for timely political and legal updates.) http://x-pot.com 's stated aims were threefold: legal action, lobbying, and public relations. On August 20, 1991, the first elected committee convened at Empire Haven, Awesome York. Those elected by the FKK membership were: Lee Beverage, John Boteler, Toni Egbert, John Kyff, Johanna Moore, Mollie Moore-Sullivan, Morley Schloss Durand Steiger, and Brian Wright. Lee Baxandall was a member ex officio and Kevin Kearney was hired as NAC's lobbyist and Public Affairs Council

NAC has triumphed where the earlier activist groups failed. Today, NAC is the best naturist or fkk activist in North America. Although the names among the board members have changed (only Morley Schloss continues from the first board), the unity found in FKK' distinctly naturist philosophy, and the commitment to defending and promoting clothes-optional freedoms on public and private lands, keeps the board of directors and the many FKK members with whom they work on track. In February 1993, after three years of preparation and submitting applications to the Internal Revenue Service, FKK declared the official formation of NAC's sister organization, the Naturist Education Foundation. With designated 501©3 status from the IRS, NEF is a not-for-profit association. Naturists can make contributions to NEF to support its assignment and use the donations as a tax write-off. NEF's aim is to educate politicians, http://nudism-life.com , and the public about nudism. Through the years NEF has made informative videos and booklets, and has helped sponsor the Legal Symposium (October 9-11, 1998, formed by South Florida Free Beaches and NEF board member Shirley Mason) as well as smaller events like the NEF Naturism/Christianity Conference (April 17-18, 1998) and the NEF Writers Workshop (January 15-17, 1999.)
Expanding Grassroots Activism: NACAR & NEFAR Plans

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