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Increase Your Height After Puberty - Do you think you're Considering Limb Lengthening?

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There are people all over the world who are not happy with how tall they're, and would do just about anything in order to gain a few inches. I was once some of those people who was so wanting to increase my height i even considered the surgery limb lengthening. I have to share with you what I have learned about limb lengthening.

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Limb lengthening occurs when you have your leg bones decline in half by a surgeon. Then they place an external fixator in your legs which have pins on them that are also inside your bone. You have to turn these little screws about the fixator about 4 times every day. When you turn them they separate your bone an extremely small amount each time. Following a month you will gain about an inch in height. You'll then have to wait one or Eight weeks for the bone to get strong and solid. The max height you will gain from one surgery is only 2 inches. You can have the surgery performed on 2 areas of your legs, so you could gain 4 inches max. As soon as the surgery you will have to take months of physical rehabilitation so you can begin walking. I might say you will need to invest about 1-2 years for this surgery from beginning to end.

This type of surgery is expensive, especially if you get it done in america. It will cost you about one hundred thousand dollars for the surgery, and thousands more for therapy. You can get the surgery prepared for much less if you head outdoors the USA. The doctor I went to visit was Dr. Paley, he was situated in Baltimore Maryland and is generally known as being the best to head to for this type of procedure.

limb lengthening system

Now we all know you all want to know just what the pain is like using this type of surgery. From things i gathered and have been told by patients is it can be quite painful at times. I was told that it is like a sharp throbbing pain. Additionally, there are many risks including never being able to walk again or perhaps death.

My conclusion is always that limb lengthening is just not worth it to me. There exists too much time and money involved for such little gains. I will be glad that I would not go through with obtaining the surgery because I have found there are ways I can become taller without pain or loss in huge amounts of money. I would advise you to seek out other options for growing taller before jumping into limb lengthening.


Posted Dec 30, 2015 at 7:52am