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Astral projection or astral travel has been an essential method of obtaining knowledge over human history. Great masters, ancient philosophers, esotericists, sages and wise people of any age and civilizations used to discover in the astral dimension while their physical bodies were sleeping in bed.  Whether you want to know more about OBE, astral projection, astral travel visit this page.

Nowadays, conscious astral projection may help us in several fields of life, notably in our spiritual journey. Genuine spirituality goes beyond beliefs and it is the source of practical and legitimate knowledge. Exactly what is the purpose of our existence here on this planet? Do we want to know the secrets of life and death? What is the future that is waiting our own society? Any wakened consciousness or Soul is capable of answer these questions via direct experience but not by written doctrines. Without any doubt, the origin of this  knowledge is definitely beyond our physical world, within the astral dimension.

Astral projection may also be referred to as a type of out-of-body experience or OBE. However, it is more than a simple OBE since true astral projection implies that we are in command of ourselves and we are not simply only witnesses of our practical experience.

The most typical way of going to the astral dimension is throughout sleep: all human beings visit while the physical body is resting. When our physical body is sleeping, we go to the astral dimension with our astral body, a body just like the physical, but made of energy, which moves with great speed, like a thought. Here you can watch an amazing video about  Astral Projection Techniques and learn how you can get a free copy of the book Hercolubus or Red Planet and you will know how to do and master astral projection.

However, we have been usually unaware of all these processes and we are not aware enough of being there. Consequently, mostly we wander through that dimension with asleep consciousness, doing all the same routines and acting as we do in your everyday living.

Astral projection is a step forward from lucid dreaming. Astral projection or astral travel signifies that we move in the astral dimension as you desire. When we learn how to leave the physical body as you desire and go into the astral dimension consciously, we are able to speak face-to-face with masters, or we are able to acquire secret lessons and attend temples of wisdom and so on. In that dimension you can research our personal problems, our future and also past times. It is a quite simple and faster way to master because there we are outside time.

Astral projection techniques can be really simple and available to anyone regardless of their particular background or previous preparation. However, those methods have to be practiced with attention, steadiness and strong will.

If you want to know more about Astral Projection you can request absolutely free of charge the book titled 'Hercolubus or Red Planet'. This book has simple techniques to ease you to obtain your own experiences in Astral World.




Posted Nov 25, 2014 at 7:20am