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Versus The Night

We're Coming Back!!!!


Genres: Hardcore / Metal / Rock

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Stats: 299 fans / 46,940 plays / 42 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Shoichi, Aki, Adam, Toku, Shinchan


You can download "Click Click" if you head on over to our label's site at www.alliance-trax.com .....just click on Versus The Night and things will happen!

While you're at it, why not check out the other amazing bands on the label, such as Blacklisted, Modern Life Is War, Jairus, Fordirelifesake and more....

CD Pre-Orders!!!

OK, our new album "There Is No Such Place As Away" is now available for pre-order from our label site www.alliance-trax.com

If you order it from there there is a special offer of a limited edition t-shirt to go along with the CD! The price is displayed there in Japanese Yen, but I think in US$ it'll be around $35 for the cd, t-shirt and international shipping (sorry we're based in Japan, hahahaha!).....

Obviously the site is displayed in Japanese text as well, and that might cause some problems, so if you DO run into any trouble, mail to info@alliance-trax.com and explain your problem/order or whatever....

You can pay with PayPal etc....so head on over there and get shopping!!



  • Henry Reyes said:
    How do I get my hands on "the kiss before the kill" cd? The best 4 album track in the world email me Adam im an old fan! Henreyes21@gmail.com Jan 09
  • john said:
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  • tish said:
    you guys should come to charlotte north carolina Oct 25
  • de4ththatl3arks said:
    You guys are the greatest i just ordered your first cd of Amazon.co.jp cant wait for it to get here so i can listen to hey lazerlips!!! Mar 07
  • shadowofthedark said:
    hey you think i coulnd get lyrics to your song \"wood and gold\" its such a good song,woulnd love to sing along Jul 09
  • Endless'way said:
    ohh guys god music! Aug 22
  • Metalcore_guy said:
    best japanese metalcore band! Aug 13
  • said:
    ha you guys are amazing like woah : ] id love if you guys came to america to play in glendale arizona ha thad be nice Jul 01
  • planarea said:
    heii do you know the band name endzwick or statecraf...endzwick has split with straightout from indonesia, is metalcore band Jun 12
  • planarea said:
    can i get your cd :D... Jun 12
  • plsgetout said:
    May 31
  • takingbacksunday4life said:
    u guys r the best japanase band ever May 20
    Oh my god...I love Japan! Mar 26
  • A_Beautiful_Mistake_187 said:
    Holy Crap You Guys Rock, Best Band I\'ve Heard In Soooo Long and from Japan No Less, Wow... Mar 14
  • Th0se_LepreChaunS_DId_iT said:
    wow...i never knew japanese bands existed. you guys rock. Feb 27

So This Is Goodbye

Jan 12, 2007

demo march 04

No release date

The Kiss Before The Kill

No release date


Leicester, United Kingdom


Phoenix, AZ


Dallas, TX


United Kingdom

Henry Reyes

Miami, FL

Alex Mendoza

Benson, AZ




Taguig, Philippines

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