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Tyler Fortune

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Genres: Rock / Alternative

Location: Bozeman, MT

Stats: 270 fans / 3,297 plays / 20 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Tyler Fortune: Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer, Piano/Keyboardist, and Audio Engineer/Producer

Tyler Fortune is a musician emerging out of Bozeman, Montana that mashes a mix of genres to create a unique blend of rock music. The music of Tyler Fortune is progressive, melodic, and upbeat. A very organic alternative rock sound is coupled with many unique styles that emulate the rising era of digital music. While the music is instrumental, it demonstrates a unique style that defines Fortune's musical core. After having much experience with many musicians and bands, Tyler decided to create his own solo project in 2009. Fortune self-taught himself each instrument, and later moved on to learn recording and producing in his own recording studio. This gave rise to Tyler Fortune's music project.


  • Celine Forney said:
    Realy Good :) Nov 13
  • r a i n b o w l i c i o u s said:
    : ] nice Apr 22
  • Skye said:
    Awesome :) Feb 09
  • Kiele Kumuhone said:
    Love it :] Dec 09
  • ❀Chrisy♪Scene♫Girl❀ said:
    Cough up that $10 for a month of pro! =D i wanna see you on the homeppaaage! ♥♥♥ Dec 05
  • †DarlingDead† said:
    I love you. Your music is great! Dec 05
  • Rochelle said:
    this is awesome, very beautiful music haha :) Dec 05
  • dee apple said:
    love the music! Dec 05
  • LaRawr said:
    nice :) Dec 05
  • Nicole(: said:
    very niiiiice! i wanna hear more!(: Dec 04
  • AlwaysShout!Liv said:
    i definately digg it :) Dec 04
  • Raquel maisie said:
    hi loved the sound of truth is very good I disclose to my friends can? xoxo's friend and now a fan of Brazil♥♥♥ Dec 02
  • rhid said:
    nice song :) Nov 10
  • Mea[rle] Rose said:
    i enjoyed listening to you you got a good sound and its pretty amazing you did it all on your own waay talented, keep up the good work Oct 14
  • Ella Bee. said:
    I like what I'm hearing so far. Feels very "real" (wow, that sounds corny, but I mean it!) and I am seeing deifnite potential. Oct 11

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