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treble charger


Genres: Rock / Pop Punk

Location: Canada

Stats: 145 fans / 3,718 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Greig Nori, Rosie Martin, Trevor MacGregor

Begun as nc-17 until an American band with the same name threatened with a lawsuit. Currently consists of Greig Nori on vocals/guitar, Rosie Martin on bass/vocals, and Trevor MacGregor on drums.

This page was made to promote one of the few good Canadian rock bands still around. The mp3's will be mostly form their older albums. If you wish to hear some of their later music, that can be found on "Detox" along with "Hundred Million", view the myspace treble charger profile at www.myspace.com/treblecharger


  • amandas cooool! said:
    sweet love the song but it has to have american psyhco Nov 09
  • DC 4 life said:
    I\"M CANDIAN u guys kick ass especialy with american psycho Jan 07


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Maybe It's Me

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