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Empty With You

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Added Aug 17, 2009

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Comments (29)

  • Darla said:
    this is fucking amazing! Feb 06
  • Tonny said:
    fucking awesome Jun 27
  • ken_core said:
    more acoustic!!!! Jan 14
  • rheaver said:
    amaziNg.. greAt!! Nov 13
  • Icky Pittz said:
    Chills and tears man. Im singing along at the top of my lungs (all 8 times I watched it) Jun 25
  • rachel said:
    i love the song and just everything!!!!! :D u guys are amazing :3 Mar 08
  • poisons said:
    wow nyce to hear this song Jan 23
  • nicesound said:
    fajna gitarka Jan 21
  • Mônica Gama said:
    Tão talentosos *-* ♥ Oct 15
  • xXx_xXx said:
    nice video guys!...XD Sep 09
  • Cherry/Chazz said:
    absolutely beautiful. Sep 07
  • Nikkiheartzz said:
    WOW.... that was AbSoLuTeLy amazing!!(GOOSEBUMPS EVERYWHERE!! lol) You guys should do more Acoustics.... And thanks for the Flash Drive!! =D Sep 05
  • A Bloody Rose said:
    I just noticed Quinn has the exacate acoustic guitar in this video as I do. Anyways I love the song guys! Can't wait to see you all Nov 13th! Aug 25
  • Franz said:
    I think I fell in love with this song. Aug 22
  • RockObsesse said:
    great guitar playing and sweet vocals. i love how they look at each other while performing. can't wait for the new stuff! Aug 20

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Melbourne Vic, Australia

7:00pm at 170 Russell
Nov 22

Melbourne Airport, Australia

7:00pm at 17
Nov 26

Fremantle, Australia

7:00pm at Metropolis
Nov 27

Fremantle, Australia

7:00pm at Metropolis
Nov 29

Adelaide, Australia

7:00pm at HQ