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the Love Machine


Genres: Indie / Pop / Soul

Location: Ottawa, ON

Stats: 454 fans / 51,698 plays / 8 plays today






Members: Jordan, Allan, Sean, Mike


Updated Bio Coming Soon......


  • Hey Hey Come Pollenate Me said:
    Whoa, this is reeeeally good! Keep it up!! Oct 15
  • SAYWHAT?__alex said:
    WELCOME TO MY FAVOURITES! thanks for some great music from canada :D COME TO THE WEST COAST!!! Sep 10
  • Shyloh Mymko said:
    I love your music., Sep 08
  • iDal said:
    good job. im speechless. good thing im not "typeless"... lol. that was a joke, a "pun" if you will. nevermind. Jun 09
  • chiendelarue said:
    if you're a bird, i'm a bird. perfect. it made me like you even before i heard your songs, which are amazing by the way. you guys please please keep it up. God bless ya! Apr 29
  • Catherine said:
    wow! your music makes people happy :) this is pretty great! keep rocking! Apr 24
  • said:
    where can i get your ep? Jan 27
  • greek_goddess said:
    hey guys, its evi from greece and i just read that you released a cd and i am really happy! unfortunately i cant order it from the inernet cuz they do not deliver it here :( anyways, i am wishing you good luck...xoxooxox Jul 14
  • life.or.something.like.it said:
    So I\'m officially obsessed with \"We are Squirrels and This Is Nuts\" I downloaded it to my ipod and listen to it pretty often! :) Jun 07
  • said:
    i think its awesome how you incorporate the synth and/or keyboards into you kick ass music!! Jun 05
  • we'llmeetagaininanotherlifewhenwearebothcats said:
    Hmm.. I absolutely love it all. thumbs up. Apr 26
  • ANS06 said:
    Hi i\'m Amber Scott, i love Butter at lying it hot Love Amber Scott(ans06) Apr 10
  • xx_lyss_xx said:
    hey guys. my names alyssa. im good friends with neil.. anyways i was wondering if you oculd send me some of your guys\' songs. the better at lying. and that other old one.. and your new stuf! cause i freaking LOVE it! emails blanchard_lyss@hotmail.com! anything would be sweet! Apr 10
  • applepie said:
    u rock!! Jan 28

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Aug 28, 2010

The Love Machine EP

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