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The Fifth Alliance

Doom / sludge from The Netherlands.


Genres: Metal / Post Hardcore / Experimental

Location: Breda, Netherlands

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4 tracks

Members: Silvia C. Berger (vocals), Niels Termote (guitar), Matthijs Keuvelaar (guitar), Ruud Verhoeven (bassguitar), Aswin Marapengopie (drums)

The Fifth Alliance was conceived in Breda, The Netherlands late 2006. The newly formed band took inspiration from chaotic hardcore bands like Coalesce, Botch, Converge combined with heavy acts like Isis, Cult Of Luna, Poison The Well, which resulted in the band self-released EP, Fear Consumption, in 2007. Their follow-up EP Reflections On Consciousness saw the light of day through Crossfirecult Records in 2009, packed with dissonant riffs, rhythmic twists and heavy grooves. Playing numerous shows strengthened the band as a solid, tight playing force to be reckoned with.

In 2010 and 2011, the band encountered some setbacks from leaving band members, which allowed them to re-direct their musical course. Reinforced by a new rhythmic section, the band slowly labored forward with writing new songs and drawing more and more influences from sludge and doom music.

By Summer 2012, the band started recording their first full length album Unrevealed Secrets Of Ruin. Their new album, which was released on Demons Run Amok Entertainment delivered massive, sludge/doom/hardcore merged into seven epic tracks, ranging from slow, gut wrenching riffing, claustrophobic screaming by vocalist Silvia, to hectic and fast blasts. Unrevealed Secrets Of Ruin deals with isolation, loss, self-destructive nature of man, organized religion and blind consumption.

With the recent release of their successor Death Poems, The Fifth Alliance leapes forward in terms of intelligent arrangements, subtle passages and building immense layers of atmosphere, led by Silvia Berger’s heartfelt screaming of pure emotion and beauty merging ‘Death Poems’ into a heavy outburst of blackish sludge, gutwrenching doom and hypnotic (post)hardcore/metal.

Death Poems is out now on CD / TAPE / VINYL through Consouling Sounds / Breathe Plastic / Diorama Records / Wooaaargh / Dingleberry Records / Grains Of Sand Records / Smithsfoodgroup DIY / Monomentum Collective / Solitary Wolf Records / Vinylaceton.

Order the new album & merch on: http://thefifthalliance.bandcamp.com/merch



Death Poems

Oct 30, 2015

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