Little Known Facts Behind The 1980s Classic “Dirty Dancing”

Dirty Dancing is a classic that serves so many purposes. It appeals to various audiences through its exciting plot and upbeat music. It is timeless, being relatable to later generations who still feel the instinct to challenge the rulebook. And it’s a historical time capsule, illustrating certain time-related issues of the 1950s. The love story set precedence for a plethora of dance films like Honey and Step Up.

With so much appeal, it’s hard to imagine that production didn’t go as smoothly as that lift at the end did. Here is all the behind-the-scenes information to make this movie even juicier.

A Controversial Part Of The Plot Caused A Sponsor To Call It Quits

While the entire plot is a pretty steamy one, the devastating botch abortion that ignites the whole thing was too much for one sponsor. The movie was already on a tight budget, so production needed all the green it could get. Unfortunately, an acne cream company feared their sales would be negatively impacted if they were affiliated with the film.

Acne companies are always targeting teens, and while the dancing was a surefire way to seem like a cool company, Penny’s heartbreaking circumstance would be too much for conservative parents to look past.