These Childhood Toys Are Worth A Small Fortune

If you grew up during a big toy craze, there’s a chance you fondly remember playing with a Teddy Ruxbin, a popular G.I. Joe, or an “adopted” Cabbage Patch Kid. If you loved those toys so much that you held onto them, you could have a small fortune sitting somewhere in your home. These popular children’s toys are worth hundreds and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases.

We’ve mixed up our list with incredibly rare prototypes you should keep an eye out for alongside some more common toys from the last 50+ years which you might have in your collection! Do you have any of these toys? Some have increased in value by 30,000 percent! The Cabbage Patch Kids price tag is pretty crazy.

Meet The $72,000 Hot Wheels Van

Photo Credit: Mattel
Photo Credit: Mattel

When Mattel realized the pink rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb van wouldn’t work on its race tracks, the toy was quickly discontinued. The design is incredibly unique for Hot Wheels, featuring a surfboard sticking out of the back of the toy.

To date, only two of these incredibly rare toys have been discovered. Most recently, one of the vans sold for a mind-boggling $72,000 at auction, proving definitively that some people never outgrow their love of childhood memories.