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marijuana world class seedbank review

Ryan Rileys Growing Elite Marijuana - Review

So about three weeks ago I was coming from my local run-of the-mill dealer, you know the stereotype, he takes at least thirty minutes to reply to you, right? He probably takes just as long to show up after your scheduled meeting time, and because his sweet connections happened to have some grade A medical flame he ups his already ridiculous prices to some astronomical number.

Of course you just roll with it, we all do, we all HAVE to roll with it because as enthusiasts of this great, and in many places still illegal, crop we are forced to deal with unprofessional salesmen. So I get home and drop my bag of grade A medical flame on the table, an eighth that cost me $50, and it looked like tree bark. I am not fooling you, this kush was a dark brown and hard as a rock. After running it through my grinder a few times I managed to get minuscule pebbles that I rolled into a joint. Tried as I might, and believe me I really really tried, that sucker would not pull. So I rip it apart, if you are reading this please sit down, and it is a brown a log of weed that I had to forcefully break apart. Desperately I threw the trash into my ROOR piece, a nice little piece for lounging about the house, and I had to torch it just to smoke because a lighter would not suffice.

It tasted like well Im sure you have something in mind at this point, and burned like Hell. I had come across some terrible weed in my life, but this stuff took the cake. I mean it tasted, looked, smelled, smoked just terribly and I was furious.

how to grow a weed plant

So where was I at economically? Screwed. I couldnt return it, but I did not care, I threw the rest in trash. It was at this point in my night, still with my foot on the trashcan, that I asked myself the age long question why did I ever stop growing?

Of course I knew the answer, although I had grown for roughly twenty five years it was a big hassle. I got mediocre buds, maybe an ounce or two per plant, and it really wasnt saving any money. Then I realized how old I was now and getting caught meant that I might spend the rest of my life in prison, no, I was too inexperienced in a technical world of contemporary growing methods.

A couple days later I get an issue of my favorite marijuana magazine (whose name I will remain anonymous for the sake of this article) and theres a review for this elite growing book. It caught my interest, especially the use of the words discreet and pounds of high quality bud in the same sentence. So I went online and looked into this Bud Bible, sure enough, it is being talked about absolutely everywhere. It had reviews in High Times Magazine, 420Magazine, and Cannabis Culture Magazine. High Times even called it the, The most effective …and the easiest to understand marijuana growing system on the planet.

Okay, in my years of experience I have purchased many books, e-books, audio-tapes, I have hired mentors, and I have really exacerbated all forms of knowledge in order to refine my growing techniques. Most of them were garbage, and at the least, just photo albums with high quality pictures of street weed. I could not ignore the fact that this man, Ryan Riley’s, and his Bud Bible had completely caught the attention of the elite cannabis culture and media. Needless to say I downloaded it, and after reading the first section, immediately printed it out and binded it. It was truly as everyone is calling it - THE Bud Bible.

cultivation cannabis

To truly understand why Growing Elite Marijuana is so great you have to understand its author, Ryan Riley. For decades he fought with a sincere passion at the idea of growing his own crop. He failed very often but did not give up. Ryan scoured through the endless information on growing, met with professional growers, destroyed many grow rooms in his day, and over the course of those decades he did finesse the enjoyable art of growing incredibly great marijuana from seed to smoke.

At first Ryan wanted to test his method, so he spent more years mentoring other people. From amateur friend growers to topshelf industry professionals, they all picked up quickly and loved the experience even more. Growing bud should be relaxing and enjoyable, like the ancient art of Bonsai, only much more rewarding.

The immediate differences from The Bud Bible to other sources of information about growing your own supply of marijuana were absolutely and clearly evident. The information is so clearly organized in a step by step instructional style so easy that an ape could probably be trained to grow your weed for you boy, wouldnt that be the dream? It is not just an instructional manual though. In the world of Marijuana Jedi this book is your Obi Wan, its like having a little Chong along with you on your journey to producing your own crop. Ryans tone throughout the book is so comforting, really you might as well share a spliff with it because its about to be your best buddy.

Like I was saying before I have read many books about growing, and at the worst they were all just pictures of weed with jumbled masses of information. Often enough, that information was in some technical TetraHydraCannabinol botan-ease language I was not able to speak. Seriously, there is no reason for a book about growing the most enjoyable plant in the freaking universe to be boring. It should also certainly actually help you, and the sad truth is that most of them dont.

Ryan Rileys Growing Elite Marijuana was very fun to read. The prose was stoner friendly, and at times, incredibly hilarious while continuously remaining serious and engaging. He was not wasting my time trying to sell me more books or equipment, like many of the ad composed weed literature to come before, Ryan really just shows you how to grow some fantastic sparkling dank tree.

marijuana world class seedbank review

The book starts off with information about seeds Ryans secret shops where exactly to get the highest quality seeds safely and securely, what seeds are best for beginners, what seeds are viable for growing, etc. It then outlines a well informed break down of strains similar to that of the seeds.

From there he takes you on a trip through the entire process, all while making sure you specifically are getting the best. For example, I have always been interested in growing specifically Indica strains, in the book it covers what you need to know about potency and strain differences (THC, CBD, etc) so I know exactly how to potentiate my plants in the direction most suited.

If you want to grow indoors vs. outdoors, all of the methods are covered. These arent just rehashed old methods or the same crap you find online from 11yearolds either, the concepts Ryan presents in The Bud Bible are all fresh contemporary ideas encompassing both growing in soil and growing with a hydroponic method, indoors and out. All types, genres if you will, of growers are taken into account here, if you want to grow you can, thats the beauty of this book. Experienced professionals find many new tricks, newbies are led by hand. Theres something for everyone.

There is a very simple methodology presented in just getting the right seeds to germinate and stimulate the growth of your new beautiful sapling into a grand flower worthy of harvesting for its sweet buds. The method in and of itself is not complicated, and that is why I was always having difficulty growing, because I had complicated pumping systems and the wrong kind of lighting. Simple little things like that destroyed my plants, if I ever got them to sprout, and wasted thousands of my dollars. It is why I gave up, because I didnt have a simple way to grow.

The little tips that will keep you from making the horrific and costly mistakes Ryan and I had been making for frustratingly long are the true substance that substantiates the easy growing method. Make sure you have the right lighting, a proper light cycle, your soil must be perfect, and there are many more variables that need to be taken into account in order to get the best of the best bud supplied in your very own home. Growing Elite Marijuana takes care of these little issues with us, so we never have them.

It was a refreshingly new experience to grow using this book, yes I did give it another go, how could I not? I wasnt afraid of being busted, my main concern was the sudden skyrocketing light bill and THE Elite Bud Bible not only taught me how to hide my new power usage but also to lower my energy even lower than it was before! It was certainly an investment that paid back at a one hundredfold minimum.

growing pot

After finishing my first round of crops being able to finally kick back and enjoy the fruits of my gardening I decided to take a look at some of the bonus material that was included with the book. I have got to say, I will never be sick of trying out new ways to enjoy my product while avoiding my terrible dealer whose number I have since blocked.

One of my personal favorites was the marijuana secret black book, a common side effect of toking is paranoia sure, but I think I suffer from just a bit of paranoia when it comes to growing. Although security measures are spoken of and elaborated on in The Bud Bible, this extra handy little gem was fully detailed in every means of keeping your growing a secret. Now thanks to Ryans 35+ years of experience, I can smoke easy, relax, grow some dank nugs - and sleep well knowing I dont need to worry about being raided early in the morning at 4 a.m.

All in all this was a fantastic read and experience, even though I hate that guy more than anything I kind of have to pay my respects to my old dealer for pissing me off so much I found this remarkable Bud Bible.

marijuana world class seedbank review




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