PREMIERE: You Bred Raptors? — "Stalemate"

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Queens-based hybrid fusion outfit You Bred Raptors? have a sound as thought-provoking as their band name. The all-instrumental group are sharing "Stalemate" from their forthcoming International Genetics album. The intricate track features a smorgasbord of sound, including instruments like 8-string bass, cello, glockenspiel and drums. The brainchild of Peat Rains continues to be as expansive as it is exciting.

"It's primarily cello-driven and tap-dances nicely on the metal and classical fringes," Rains says. "We wanted to write a noodley, prog song but without all the masturbatory, superfluous pitfalls that usually ensnare otherwise mathy songs. Despite lots of notes, intricate runs and dizzying speed at times to perform, it has an accessible and familiar arc.

"The narrative interlude provides a much needed legato break with a temporary distortion breakdown from the 8-string bass. The drums find groove between the interlocking parts to keep the whole piece varied but with a sense of purpose. We both had different ideas of what the song should be called and after some back and forth stubbornness, we said we were at a stalemate and the name stuck. It has become both an awesome opening and closing song during shows on this tour. You might not be ready for it but your kids are gonna love it."

Listen above.

You Bred Raptors?'s International Genetics is out on June 23.

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