PREMIERE: Stream Dead Posey's 'Freak Show EP'

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It's hard enough to get two people to agree anything these days, nevertheless to play killer desert rock. Dead Posey does exactly that. With a new EP on the way, the Los Angeles-based duo shows that strength doesn't necessarily lie in numbers. Freak Show is dark and features a blend of the aforementioned desert rock, along with elements of soulful garage rock and dirt under the fingers grit that describe the rough and tumble side of the city beyond the bright lights.

"I’ve always been drawn to dark, soulful music—anything with stomps, claps, tambourines and fuzzed out bass & guitar tones gets us buzzing," singer Danielle Souza says. "I think living in LA, in that atmosphere, really influenced a lot of Freak Show. This city has an odd combination of uplifting mysticism mixed with down-in-the-gutter smut and sleaze and I think that sums up the EP pretty well. The city is sort of paradoxical, so we tried to channel that into our music.

"Freak Show is not so much a concept but a vibe: it’s a celebration of the darker side of life and the temptations that it brings; a sample platter of the good, bad & the ugly, wrapped up with a ratty little bow."

"Freak Show came to us in the studio while listening to a lot of old blues and hard rock non-stop for inspiration," guitarist Kyle Foster adds. "We wanted to create an in your face modern blues rock sound that was familiar but refreshing at the same time."

Listen above.

Dead Posey's Freak Show is out on June 2.

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