BTS Vows To Stick Around For At Least 10 More Years

We don't know how BTS fans can keep track of what the K-pop superstars are up to. Back in August, they announced an extended break from the spotlight. Then, after only a month hiatus, the band was back after a "period of rest." It's also been announced the group will have to complete required military service for their native country of South Korea, which begs the question: how long will this band be able to stay together?

Lucky for BTS fans, the group have reassured them that they don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. They told The Hollywood Reporter that they will keep performing as long as their "bodies hold up."

"We're not really compelling each other to keep this going... It's nothing like that. We just have so much fun together singing and dancing that we want it to continue," said Jimin.

"As long as our bodies hold up, we'll be doing the same thing in 10 years," said Suga.

BTS plans to continue to have a bright future. With the 2020 Grammy nominations being announced next month, they say it would be "an absolute dream" to win one.

"When we were presenting [at the Grammys in 2019], we said that 'We will be back! '... So hopefully we can keep our words. It would be an absolute dream come true," said RM.

With a fanbase as dedicated as the BTS Army, we're sure they'll be just fine with or without a Grammy.