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  • joy_hale2222 said:
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  • Robert Jones said:
    Great Nov 15
  • Albert ZHU said:
    The best voice and the most professional singer Nov 15
  • Strain Factory said:
    That man has a good voice! May 05
  • DonnaCake said:
    I miss you Micheal!!!! Dec 02
  • Mark Littlewood said:
    Great tunes, love MJ Nov 25
  • Petros said:
    We'll miss you MJ ! Nov 25
  • xXLoveisBindingXx said:
    LOVE!! Oct 22
  • michealjacksonlover said:
    peace i will miss u so much Jun 10
  • michealjacksonlover said:
    i am the number 1 fan i have have all his traks poster bed set wall papereverything and i am a guy Jun 10
  • **shawndaboo** said:
    R.I.P you will be missed and i hate the fucken doctor woo killed yooh but yooh are in a better place than we are Jun 04
  • -Nailahh* said:
    R.I.P we love u u have paved the way we will ALL miss you .Your so incredible Jun 03
  • Pixy said:
    i will never forget u micheal ! i love smooth criminal itz my favorit song ! Jun 02
  • Oliviaa. said:
    Micheal, the lovers will and still haven't stopped loving you. We will miss you! I am so sad people judged him the way they did. He is a human after all. Well there is nothing we can do about it now. R.I.P Micheal Jackson, may you be the King again in heaven! May 30
  • Brieyana™ said:
    R.I.P We all love yu and will never forget yur awesomeness! May 24
  • NiKkI said:
    Micheal jackson has some of the best music of ALL TIME, i just don't like him very much Apr 09
  • ShortCakes 웃♥유 said:
    R.I.P Michael Jackson the king of pop!! ull be missed forever!!!! :'( Mar 12
  • ßria said:
    I miss you Michael :( I know you're watching me type this now. I love you and always will. Michael Jackson was the most famous person in world and everyone should know that. So, all the haters can suck on it! He was not a molester to that boy or what ever. After his death the dad admitted he did no such thing to his son. That just shows you how cruel and ignorant most people are. I'll always ♥ you Micheal. R.I.P you are truly missed. Feb 11
    Lots of luv Feb 03
  • BOSS. said:
    I was just watching This Is It for the 3rd time. I miss you. RIP. Jan 01