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New EP Surf is over, God is dead avaliable!


Genres: Hardcore / Punk / Surf Rock

Location: São José dos Campos, Brazil

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4 tracks

Members: Rogê: Baixo e Vocal / Thiago: Guitarra e Vocal / Marcelo - Bateria.

Yes indeed folks, may 2008 begun our journey through music business, 3 guys with no
intentions in life formed band named Lo-Fi, and this band shall be the worst shit ever, no
ones knows how to play their instrument, but it doesn´t matter, we play anyway. Rogerio
(bass and vocals) Thiago (Guitar and vocals) and Marcelo (drums)

The band was formed and in the first 2 months we made 14 songs and got in the studio
without any concern an experience at all, at the end, an album called “We murder and
rape” , but it was release only after a year in april 2009 caused by a miscalculation in our
budget. We love this album, very cool to party with, and have fun with your friends.

As time goes by, the Lo-Fi boys start to learn the real things in hardcore punk, their sound
got more aggressive ad delightful and it turns to be the band´s role model. The influences
are beer, junkie wasted top models, bad skate and surf from de farm, besides de bands that
make my life miserable in general.

So on, in july 2010 we release an EP called “Surf is over, god is dead” showing to the world
our best song to date. This EP it´s very lovely, 4 song to drive every gramda crazy in the
head. At this point of life, the guys from Lo-Fi was living the life to the fullest, more insane
than ever, and everyone was wasted as fuck, no girls, too much booze, no values.

It´s good to tell you that at the end os 2010 the band had some good thinking, as making
facebook pages, spreading the cds in any distro and the drummer got himself some
classes, very nice. Thiago is still married planning his life, very good, Marcelo making mass
destruction of brain cells and Rogerio, still a burden to society.

The relationship with the band Orgasmo de porco got tight and the thrash metal got into our
veins so hard that there´s no coming back again. And it was a happy moment or us, turn
out that we release a split with them, “Cream cheese” (April 2011)

Well, now I´let you guys alone, and if you need us, we´ll be right there, just say beer out

With love.
Lo-Fi Punk Rock


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    ae,peguei o papelzinho da sua loja cara KOSAKS estão add qlqer cosia da um toque ae abraços Sep 02

Cream Cheese

Apr 14, 2011

We Murder and Rape

Aug 20, 2009


São José dos Campos, Brazil

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