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Innerself Pro


Genres: Hardcore / Post Hardcore / Progressive

Location: Seattle, WA

Stats: 482 fans / 36,858 plays / 239 plays today






Members: Evan, Dave, Ruch, Pete, Will, Skeet

Evan - Vocals
Will - Guitar
Peter - Guitar
Ruch - Bass
Skeet - Keyboard
Dave - Drums

Innerself, a six piece melodic hardcore band from Seattle, WA, is taking the scene by storm. Each member with full devotion and different musical backgrounds, they all come together perfectly and passionately to create something unique and exciting in an atmosphere dominated by the norm. Innerself brings a live show of high energy and extreme intensity. Their impressionable sound and live show has been experienced by thousands over the past three years at nearly every venue in the Northwest. It is their belief that this is where the heart of their music lies.

Innerself previously recorded a six song E.P. and a 3 song demo, dated 2002 and 2003 respectively. Following up these projects, the band released their first full length C.D. in early 2005. Believing in Disaster was recorded at Drift Studios in Tacoma, WA by Shaun Disch. The band just finished a demo for their upcoming (currently not titled) full-length due for release in summer of 2006.

Innerself has played shows throughout the Northwest, and are currently expanding their tour horizons. They have had the pleasure of supporting acts such as: Silverstein, Bayside, Stutterfly, He Is Legend, Project 86, Inked in Blood, The Beautiful Mistake, Kane Hodder, and many more.

Innerself was formed in late 2001, when Evan (vocals) and Will (guitar) met in high school. After a few line up changes, the duo were introduced to the Britt Brothers, Peter (guitar) and Dave (drums), who were in another band at the time. These bands came across each other several times at band competitions. The four boys joined forces and have never looked back. Earlier this year, Innerself suffered one more blow when their bassist decided to go to college on the East Coast. Having known a bassist from church, the boys presented their quandary to Ruch, who was a perfect fit to the missing low end rhythm. In spring of 2005, Innerself decided to transform their sound to include a keyboard. Nate, their long time merch guy, completed the line up to make it what it is today.

Currently, Innerself is preparing for a spring tour, and a more extensive touring schedule including a full West Coast tour this summer. They can be seen playing locally at El Corazon, Club Impact, Studio 7, Hells Kitchen, etc. Innerselfs goal is to present their passion to as many people as possible, as often as possible, in anticipation that everyone will find something they can enjoy.

For Booking:
StepOut! Entertainment

27013 Pacific Hwy S #211
Des Moines, WA 98198

Phone: 253-334-9353
Email: booking@stepoutonline.com



Winter Demo 05/06

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