What To Consider Before Moving Into An Assisted Living Community For Seniors

Senior independent living is a marriage of both convenience and security. Moving into a facility that is focused on the needs of senior citizens ensures proper care is taken for health and safety. These facilities also provide seniors with the ability to sit back, relax, and enjoy their twilight years. While there is sometimes a stigma placed on this big life decision, the benefits most often outweigh those concerns.

Low Maintenance Living

While living in a senior independent living apartment or condo the trivial tasks of your daily life are removed from the equation. Imagine never having to mow your lawn or shovel snow ever again. Further, you don’t have to worry about home maintenance or housekeeping, both of which are taken care of for you by trained professionals.

Meals are also provided three times every day, eliminating the need to cook for yourself.

One Bill For All Your Monthly Needs

With meals provided to residents, transportation available for doctors appointments, trips to the store, and other daily needs, you won’t find yourself attempting to balance various bills every month.

Unlike nursing homes which require fully staffed nurses and doctors around the clock, assisted living facilities provide residents with medically necessary care. This reduction in medical coverage means the cost of staying in this type of facility is almost always lower than long and short-term care in a nursing home.

Perks Of The Lifestyle

Five Star Senior living notes that many assisted living facilities are equipped with amenities that keep their guests entertained and healthy. From adult education classes to fitness courses and various other special events, residents are given the opportunity to take part in numerous activities that match their senior living lifestyle.

Experts often note that seniors staying in assisted living facilities feel less isolated than they would be staying at home on their own. This is thanks in large part to various activities that can include “dancing, crafts, exercise, and outings.”

On-Site Medical Care

CNA’s and nurses staff assisted living facilities, ensuring residents take their medications on time while receiving routine medical checkups to avoid short-term and long-term health problems that can be avoided. Senior Path points out that medical care is not “ever present” as it would be in a nursing home, instead, residents receive only the care they need while going about their own routines as they desire. This provides better privacy for guests when they don’t require around the clock care. Assistance getting dressed and bathing are also provided for guests who have trouble with those daily activities.

There Are Communities Tailored To Various Lifestyles

From LGBT communities to Green Living and education-based facilities there are various types of senior living apartments and condos available. In today’s society seniors are often attempting to match their own morals with their community and Senior Advisor says that’s 100% possible with senior living. You can even choose an active senior living community that has been established to ensure you get out, get some exercise, and engage with other people living in the facility. The possibilities are truly endless depending on the type of facilities available where you live.

A Private Space To Call Your Own

This isn’t a hospital setting. Senior living apartments allow residents to retreat to the conform of their own room. With private bathrooms and enough space for couples in select units, your room is truly private with its own private entrance. Some facilities also offer perks such as private balconies.

You will share common areas that can be used for meals and activities but that socialization as we’ve already mentioned is a big part of what drives senior citizens to choose the lifestyle.

There are already more than one million people residing in assisted living facilities and with so many perks to choose from, it’s easy to see why they’ve chosen this type of lifestyle later in life.

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