Dental Implants Have Many Benefits You Might Not Even Realize

Dental implants are often associated with one major improvement, a young and more vibrant smile. The truth is even more promising. Dental implants go far beyond a perfect smile, the American Dental Associates explains that these miracles of modern medicine can replace missing teeth, fix tooth decay, prevent bone loss, and even restore and preserve your mouth’s bone structure.

Be Proud Of Your Smile And Looks!

The first, and most obvious advantage of cosmetic dentistry, specifically dental implants, is the ability to share your smile with the world. A dentist can straighten crooked teeth and even replace missing teeth, providing a “gapless” look you’ll be proud to show off. If you’ve always been subconscious about your smile but are worried about the cost of getting it fixed, fear not, there are plenty of affordable dental implants that have come to market in recent years.

Dental implants not only preserve your smile but also your jawline and mouth. A study from the Silberg Center for Dental Science found that missing teeth can cause your jawline to shrink, causing wrinkled lips and a recessed mouth and chin. Essentially, dental implants can help you look younger while maintaining your look.

If that’s not bad enough, an atrophied jaw bone starts to reabsorb the face for a sunken look.

Protect Your Health With Dental Implants

When your gums are exposed because of tooth loss you leave open the possibility for a higher level of infection. Dental implants help solve this problem by providing a lifetime shield against increased gum disease and other issues.

When teeth are missing, decaying, or weak in general, patients can experience bone atrophy as teeth shift around. Increased gum disease, according to Harvard University, can lead to a two to three times increase in heart attack risk.

Just like your muscles need to be worked in order to maintain muscle density, the bones in your jaw also need stimulation. Teeth help to stimulate your jawbone which remains strengthened because of that stimulation. Dental implants include screws which fuse together with the bone to provide additional strength and much-needed support.

With dental implants, your teeth may accelerate the speed at which they shift, causing more jawline issues resulting in a sore jaw, issues with your bite, and other health-related symptoms.

Did you know an improper bite, known as malocclusion can cause headaches, muscle pain, tooth loss, and even TMJD? Correcting the malocclusion you may develop can actually be more expensive and involve more of your time than the dental implants you put off for a later time.

Do Dental Implants Last?

The Dental Associates of New England note that implants, created from “tiny titanium posts” offer a wide range of support for dental prostheses. The organization says the implants are growing in popularity because of their “outstanding durability and their lifelike appearance.” In a nutshell, you can expect a long-lasting smile because of the materials used to create your dental implants.

How Do You Choose The Right Dental Implants?

The simple answer. You don’t. Your dentist will help determine if you need crowns or other interventions. Speaking to a dental healthcare professional is your best avenue to take when trying to figure out which dental implants are right for your needs. Everyone has different circumstances and goals and an experienced dentist can help assess how to meet your needs.

Remember, your teeth play a very important part in securing not only a vibrant smile but also the longevity of your life. With so many cosmetic and health-linked reasons to purchase dental implants, you owe it to yourself to at least investigate these marvels of modern medicine more closely and as soon as possible.

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