Rare Photos Of The Wild Wild West They Don’t Want You To See

In the days of the Wild West, things were, well, wild. People had guns attached to their hips, shootouts happened outside of saloons, horses were the primary mode of transportation, and America was far less developed than it is now. It’s hard to imagine what the West may have looked like all those years ago, which is why it’s so great that we found these photos of what life was really like back then.

Through these photos, we can get a better idea of what it was like to be a gunslinging cowboy, or a farmer’s daughter, or just a normal person trying to make an honest day’s wage.

Ladies Drink Whisky Too

The women in this photo aren’t displaying the most ladylike behavior. Heck, the woman on the right has a belt of bullets around her hips. In the days of the Wild West, women weren’t allowed to drink in bard. The only women allowed to go into bars were there for male entertainment. If women wanted to drink, they had to drink outside.

Photo credit: lindsay shropshire / Pinterest
Photo credit: lindsay shropshire / Pinterest

It was a cruel world, but these women don’t look like the mind too much.