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Henry Homesweet!


Genres: Trance / Electronic / Techno

Location: United Kingdom

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4 tracks

Members: Tom + Gameboy!


Massive Respect to EveryBody who listens and becomes fans, Greatly appreciated.

More Tracks On Myspace Here! =D

This music is called chiptune, and has been created with video game hardware and modern programs. Im currently producing chiptune with a nintendo Gameboy.

I use



Nanoloop 1.3

Those are links to the cartridges that utilise the gameboy's sound if you fancy trying it out for yourself :D
Enjoy the free downloads!


  • saint4God said:
    DanceFloor64 is straight-up great glitch-hoppy goodness with much respect to the 8-bit era. Danceably electronica funk. Aug 19
  • IckyVicki™ said:
    put lullabye! and simple pleasures! Feb 09
  • mmmLila...(chaos) said:
    OMFG get dancefloor64 up as a download. i will love you foreverrrrr ahaha Aug 11
  • HurryingCrab said:
    Chiptune!!! Jul 06
  • Maddie(: said:
    Come to Missouriii. (: May 21
  • Tianna. said:
    If I have not said this before, I LOVE YOU. May 19
  • Dita said:
    hey, check out my side project called Crown Ether at http://purevolume.com/CrownEther, thanks! May 06
  • kill[H]er said:
    You are epic. I was in the mall with my older brother today and I was listening to my iPod and Dead Disco! came on. And I gave him one of my earbuds. And now we're both fans xD awesome work, dudee! Apr 03
  • SuperStar92 said:
    AMAZING! Mar 13
  • Mateoo said:
    I LOVE YOU :D Jan 27
  • seth said:
    love it its good Jan 12
  • Selina--- said:
    :D i love it! Dec 25
  • James said:
    you seriously need to go to San Francisco with sabrepulse! Dec 16
  • HurryingCrab said:
    Nice Chiptune Dec 12
  • willshellz said:
    good shit, bro Dec 04


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