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Forgetting Yesterday


Genres: Progressive / Rock

Location: Australia

Stats: 81 fans / 5,285 plays / 279 plays today






Members: Peter (Guitar), Pace (Drums), Laurian (Vocals), Liam (Guitar), Benjamin (Bass)

In a musical marketplace where conformity to mediocrity is the norm and a lack of individuality is rife, there remains some among the sea of clones who are continuously striving to be a light in the midst of all the darkness. They are seeking to create new music with a real passion, meaning and purpose. Music that stirs up emotions, music that gives you chills down your spine. Music that opens minds.

Prepare to enter the world of Forgetting Yesterday

Forgetting Yesterday are the true face of beautifully abrasive yet dynamic and challenging rock music. They craft their songs with care, finely blending smooth melodies with intricate and progressive textures to build towering songs of bone-crunching bliss.

For a band that has only been playing together for 2 years, Forgetting Yesterday have already achieved a great deal. FY's hard work ethic and strong artistic integrity has already gained them the admiration of many fans and the respect of their musical peers alike, not only from their home on NSWs Central Coast, but all around Australia. Known by many for their exceptional live show, they have also sold plenty of copies of their self-produced, self-promoted debut EP 'The Obsession Will Kill Us All', both at shows and in stores. Since the release of the EP in early 2005 on the new BelowParDistribution division of respected Sydney indie label BelowPar Records the band has been playing on stages right around Australia on several tours and high profile shows with bands such as Shihad, The Butterfly Effect, After The Fall, Kisschasy, Trial Kennedy, Horsell Common, Mere Theory and Behind Crimson Eyes, as well as Internationals acts Rufio, Useless ID and The Matches.

They have been included on compilation discs (Future Stars of BLUNT, Action Against Cruelty 2), on dvds (Riptide magazine 150th issue bonus dvd), on television (the international ASP surfing tour program), in magazines (Ralph, Drum Media), Webzines (Bombshellzine.com, TheMetalForge.com), had quality radio play and continued to write multitudes of new songs over the course of the year at the same time.

April 30th 2006 is the release date for 'Reds, Blues, Greens & Yellows', the new double A-side single release for Forgetting Yesterday. The disc features two new songs and two b-side tracks (including a cover of the Alanis Morissette song Forgiven). The CD was engineered, mixed and mastered by esteemed Adelaide engineer Darren Thompson, who also worked with the band on 'The Obsession Will Kill Us All'. The two new singles; Reds & Blues, Greens & Yellows, while still capturing that indefinable and imposing Forgetting Yesterday sound, also shows that the band has progressed forward from their debut to further establish their sound as truly unique, mighty yet delicate, and very much still accessible yet also captivating for the listener.

Forgetting Yesterday are a band that are driven with ambition. Always motivated to constantly improve, they never fail to raise the bar for themselves whether it is through their live show or through writing and recording new material. A band who write songs for artistic expression, not as a cheap path to fame. Forgetting Yesterday are a band that has their hearts set on music for life.

Reds, Blues, Greens & Yellows in stores April 30th via BelowPar Distribution / Inertia

The Obsession Will Kill Us All in stores now via BelowPar Distribution / Inertia


  • Fexters said:
    Great Aug 24
  • Mallie Stroud said:
    Nice Aug 02
  • AimyHaye said:
    So good Jul 19
  • gav123 said:
    yous rock Mar 23
  • kurt_cobain6t9r said:
    hey guys. . .i herd u off the riptide dvd n i hav to say u guys rock!!! u sound like u could make it far with ur music. . .keep it up! Dec 29
  • fmx_babe90 said:
    hey there. my mate discovered yous for me and i think yous hav an awesom sound. i was just wondering if i could get some lyrics of yous aswell if possible?... way cool sound i like it alot xx Sep 04
  • fmx_babe90 said:
    hey there. my mate discovered yous for me and i think yous hav an awesom sound. i was just wondering if i could get some lyrics of yous aswell if possible?... way cool sound i like it alot xx Sep 04


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