For The Love Of Sneakers, This List Reveals The Highest Priced Shoes In The World

“Sneakers are a new era. Anyone can feel new with a new pair of shoes. They make you feel contemporary.” – Giuseppe Zanotti, Italian fashion designer. According to Business Insider, sneakers have a $1 billion resale market. These shoes that so comfortably complete an outfit have evolved into a way of life. Consumers camp out for multiple nights on the sidewalk in the middle of winter in hopes of obtaining a limited release. All of these factors contribute to the inflation of price for some sneakers. Would you believe a particular pair of can cost you more than a car?

Head Back To The Future WIth The Nike Mags

Back to the Future II premiered in 1989 and gave fans their first look at the shoes 27 years in the making. Michael J. Fox was sporting a futuristic pair of Nikes in the film that would eventually be released in 2016. The Nike Mag 2016 is one of the most expensive shoes to ever hit the market.

Initially, you were only able to grab a pair of the self-lacing sneakers from a fundraiser raffle back in Oct. of 2016. The resale value of these shoes went through the roof. You can find them online for around $26k.