Everlane Says They’ll Be Plastic Free by 2021

Since its inception in 2010, Everlane has become a fashion favorite thanks to its commitment to “radical transparency.” The direct-to-consumer brand based in San Francisco provides customers with a detailed look into where their garments come from and how much their garments truly cost to make.

Now, Everlane has a new commitment — to be completely free of virgin plastic by 2021.

On Tuesday, co-founder Michael Preysman, along with investors Natalie Massenet and Nick Brown, announced Everlane’s plan at a dinner on the rooftop of the Brooklyn Grange farm.

Preysman told guests that he didn’t realize the scale of plastic use until Everlane started production. “We’re producing millions of units and every unit that goes out is wrapped in plastic,” Preysman said. “At the beginning, it was like, ‘Hey, let’s just take off all these plastic bags.’ There are a lot of complications to that. Everything you buy in the world comes wrapped in plastic when it comes out of the factory.”

These puffer jackets made from plastic are two of 13 new sustainable styles Everlane is dropping on October 24.

The company will also shift its practices when it comes to other commonly used materials like nylon and polyester, both of which are made from virgin plastic. Over the next three years, Everlance will stop producing anything with virgin plastic in it. All of the company’s materials will be made from plastic water bottles and renewed materials.

The fashion company has been teasing its ReNew line this week, which drops October 24. Everlane isn’t giving away too much information about the launch, but it will include 13 styles and is being described as “Outerwear with an outlook.”

Temperatures dipped into the 40s during the dinner and guests were given Everlane blankets and sweaters from its new ReNew fleece, which are made from recycled plastic.

“Michael and I have been joking, saying we thought we would host this dinner in a very, very cold place so that you would never forget how important it is to have a fleece blanket in your life,” Massenet said. “And this would sort of burn Everlane into your mind forever and ever.”